4rx.com: See Whether this Pharmacy Was Legitimate

4rx.com is a pharmacy that opened doors back in 2005. The store was operating for seven good years before they disappeared for the first time back in 2012. However, after a short time, the store came back again. This time, they did not stay for long. When we checked their website, we could not locate their IP address which is an indicator that they are offline again. The drugstore focused largely on selling both generic and brand drugs. To obtain meds from the pharmacy, you had to send a prescription script from your doctor if the drugs that you were trying to obtain were prescription meds.

4rx.com claimed that their base of operations was in the united states. The store did not mention whether the meds that they sold were approved by the FDA or not. The payments were usually processed through the use of credit cards. The store was not accepting any other payment method. Your drugs would be then shipped using either the EMS or Airmail. The EMS was faster but at the same time, it was more expensive than the Airmail method. After checking the website using legitscript.com, the program rated it as a rogue pharmacy. After using the scamadviser.com website, the website claimed that the site had a low trusting and it was possibly located in Malaysia.

4rx.com Reviews

We found the reviews for the pharmacy. These contained mixed opinions from different people who had used the med store before. We have some of the reviews here:


4rx.com User Testimonial

James says that he has used 4rx.com for about 3 years and during this period of time he has made 10 orders. He has always received his orders. The orders usually took about a month before they arrived. He once called them and told them to reship. They did so right away for free. Six months later the original shipment arrived. It has been stuck in the post office somewhere. He called 4rx.com and asked how he could repay them for the extra pills but they just told him to keep them at no charge. He had ordered some pills before they shut down their website and he was able to receive the meds but his credit card was not charged. He says that the pills seem to work just fine. He hopes that the pharmacy reopens.


4rx.com User Complain

Alex reports that the generic Accutane that he received from 4rx.com was fake. The blister packs did not list any manufacturers. The pills were already crushed and they smelled weird. He could not risk taking the meds.


4rx.com User Feedback (source: https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/4rxcom-c122074.html)

Louis says that after ordering meds from 4rx.com she started to notice fraudulent credit cards charges. They were from different airlines. She noticed numerous air tickets had been bought using her credit card in only 1 hour. Even after her credit card company alerted her, the fraud still kept trying.

4rx.com seems to have two sides. One which was good and another one which was bad. They sometimes delivered great products on time. If the drugs did not arrive, they would reship for free. They also seem to engage in fraudulent acts including stealing credit card information and delivering fake drugs. You need to avoid pharmacies that you find randomly on the web. Use pharmacies that have been proven to sell real meds. You can easily find these in our catalog. Don’t use search engines to try and locate good pharmacies. There are thousands of fake online pharmacies and you might end up being conned.

4rx.com Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are a huge reason as to why people usually buy their meds. We searched in order to try and see whether 4rx.com offered any coupon or promo codes. We could not locate any of these. What we found was a chance to enjoy discounts. The following are the discounts:


4rx.com Discounts

If you are ordering for the first time, you have two offers to choose from. You could either opt to get 10% of the price removed from your bill or you could opt to retain the price but get 20% more pills. When you are ordering for the second and third time, you will get to choose between saving 15% or having 25% more pills added to your order without you paying for them. If you are so loyal such that you order for the fourth time, you get to pay 85% or choose to receive 30% more pills for free.

4rx.com Price

The pharmacy offered prices which were substantially low when compared to the prices for the same drugs in the local pharmacies. For example, a package of Viagra that contained 30 pills would cost you only 89 dollars. This is equivalent to paying 2.97 dollars for a pill. A pack containing 30 pills of Cialis will cost you 109 dollars. This means that a pill will cost you 3.63 dollars. The price for both Cialis and Viagra is 70 dollars in the local stores. This means that you will be able to save 67.03 dollars for your Viagra. This is the same as paying 95.75% less for sildenafil citrate. You save 66.37 dollars when you buy Cialis. This is the same as paying only 5.2% of the price that you would have paid in the local stores. Now that 4rx.com is no longer available, we would like to propose pharmacies which offer better prices. You will find these in our catalog.


4rx.com is a pharmacy that is no longer available on the web again. This store was established back in the year 2005. From what we have seen, people are reporting different experiences with the store. Some were offered great services while others were scammed and even their credit card data were stolen. 4rx.com is closed, however, there are better online pharmacies still available on our top-rated list. Using this list will save you from the problems which arise when you use fake pills and pharmacies. Don’t let scammers steal your credit card data or deliver dangerous pills.