Buy Mexican Drugs Online: Things You Need to Know Before Ordering

With the soaring price of American drugs, it is no wonder that Americans are crossing the border to have access to cheaper medicines from Canada and Mexico. Canada is the most popular destination in the north for people who want affordable medicines while Mexico serves those people in the south.

In Mexico, it is said that t sell prescription medicines and dispense it without asking for a prescription. The medicines they offer are less expensive as well. 5 years ago, Texans and people in California are crossing the Mexican border to get their hands on these cheap medicines. To date, Americans no longer need to cross the border because they can get their hands on these medicines thru online shopping. After checking the internet, we found two popular Mexican Drugstores that you can use to order your medication online.

Let us take a look at these two e-stores where you can get Mexican drugs online.

Mexican Drugstores to Try

After searching the internet for Mexican drugstores that we can use, we found these two:


Mexpro is an online pharmacy that offers popular Rx drugs. Their website says that they offer cheap Rx medicines such as Prilosec, Viagra, Levitra, Valium, Lorazepam, birth control pills, and antibiotics. Most Rx medicines are sold at a high price in the US but with Mexpro, they say that you can save up to 50% on your medication.

In the early days when people travel by land to cross the Mexican border and buy medicines, there is always a risk of being questioned at the border especially if you cannot present a prescription for your medicines. With the advent of online pharmacies like Mexpro, ordering an Rx medicine is now easier.

For more information about Mexpro and what they offer online, you can contact them at 1-855-mexpro1. Aside from offering affordable medicines, Mexpro has also partnered with known insurances companies, allowing them to accept some health insurances to cover medical costs. Mexpro started operating in 1997.


MMDS is a 5-year old Mexican online drugstore

MMDS is a 5-year old Mexican online drugstore. It offers medicine for different medical categories like allergic disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, artery disease, arthritis, breast cancer, ear infection, diabetes, edema, and eczema. They also have drugs for female fertility, hair loss, weight loss, herpes, heart failure, headache, and erectile dysfunction. MMDS offer generic and branded medicines. Their target customers are people from the third world countries and countries where medicines are expensive.

MMDS has a physical office at MMDS Ciudad de Mexico 06600.

Is It Safe to Use Mexican Drugstores?

10 years ago, there was news of older Americans traveling to Mexico to get their prescription refilled. Long as you have a valid prescription, traveling with medicines back then is easy even when crossing the Mexican border. To date, still, the same scenario happens, this time, the US population is just ordering their medicines online, from Mexican drugstores.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, the most common drugs ordered from Mexico are medicines for diabetes, antibiotics, estrogen replacement, erectile dysfunction drugs, pain relief medicines, and pills for hair loss and weight loss.

The FDA said they cannot do anything about importation of drugs from Mexico but they do warn people to be aware of the risks such as:

  • Risks of receiving incorrectly labeled drugs
  • Risks of receiving drugs with an inaccurate amount of active ingredient
  • Risks of receiving counterfeit medicines
  • Risks of receiving substandard medicines

The FDA further added that drugs sold in Mexico are not purely manufactured by Mexican companies, but are also manufactured by US pharmaceutical companies as well as Indian pharmaceutical companies.

Is it risky then to order from these Mexican drugstores? The answer is yes and no. There are Mexican e-dispensaries that are legit and offers genuine medicines. If you knew how to check for signs of scamming online store, then you can be safe from being scammed, regardless if you are ordering your medicines from a Mexican, American, or Canadian online drugstore.

Canadian Online Drugstores vs Mexican Online Drugstores

The internet is full of online pharmacies, most are claiming to be located in Canada and Mexico. Why are they claiming to be operating from these countries? It is because the price of medicines in these countries are cheap, allowing them to market their products cheaply as well.

Canadian and Mexican online drugstores are alike in the following manners:

  • They are both selling generic and branded medicines from different manufacturers and countries
  • Canadian and Mexican e-stores are offering FDA approved medicines and Indian FDA approved medicines

Surely, not all Canadian and Mexican online pharmacies that you can find on the internet are legit. Be aware when choosing an online store to deal with. If you are ordering online because it is more convenient and it is cheaper, then make sure to do some research before entrusting your hard earned money. For more options of online pharmacies, you can also check our recommended list of online pharmacies.


Finding Mexican drugs online is very challenging nowadays. Mexican online drugstores have been cloned and used by scamming people in order to rake in money from their unknowing victims. If you are eyeing a particular Mexican online drugstore, check some factors like customer reviews, its partner manufacturers, their terms and agreement, and their prices before placing an order.

If you have chosen a particular Mexican drugstore, check if they have a contact number that you can call in case you encounter an issue. Also, do not just give your personal information, check if their server is secure. If you cannot find your Rx medicine from any of the Mexican e-stores you are eyeing, check our list of recommended online pharmacies as well and have more choices.