Discount Canadian Pharmacy: Pay Less for Your Meds

Discount pharmacies are not available in your locality anymore. Local pharmacies may claim that they are offering you a chance to save but this is only a trick designed to keep you buying from them. Even the local pharmacy that offers you drugs at the lowest price is still overcharging you by over 70%. If you try using Canadian pharmacies you will realize that you have lost too much of your money. People who have followed our advice and started ordering their meds from Canada have never regretted this decision. In fact, they started wondering what caused them to not discover this idea in the first place.

When we say you have to shift to ordering your meds from Canada, we don’t refer to all the Canadian pharmacies present on the web. Statistics show that more than 9 pharmacies out of 10 available on the web are rogue. Therefore, you have to be very cautious. For your own safety, avoid using search engines to find discount pharmacies to use. The pharmacies that dominate the first page are for scammers who will not hesitate to steal money from you. Instead of letting you suffer when locating great online pharmacies, we have invested our time and money into investigating discount Canadian pharmacies. You will be able to find these in our top-rated catalog.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra

More than half of the male population who are sexually active find themselves in problematic intimate relationships due to erectile dysfunction. A solution has been available on the market for years. However, this solution could only be used by the rich people. Normal people who operate on a budget found it hard to purchase it before they realized that this solution was not only available in the local stores. In the local stores, Viagra will cost you 70 dollars a pill in the local pharmacy. In the Canadian pharmacies, the same brand Viagra has the following prices:

Canadian Pharmacy Brand Viagra

Canadian Pharmacy Brand Viagra

The most expensive pill originates from Canada where the buyer has to part with $18.51 for a tablet. The cheapest drug is manufactured in New Zealand. The pill will cost you $14.70. The intermediate cost drug originates from the United Kingdom. The pill from the UK has two different prices. One will cost you $16 while the other will cost you $17.30.

Canadian Generic Viagra Cost

Canadian Generic Viagra Cost

Generic Viagra is also available in the Canadian stores and its prices are even better. When you buy a package that has 10 pills in it, you will only need to pay $36.10 which means each pill will cost you $3.61. The price gets even better when you purchase a larger package. We recommend that you buy yourself a 360 pills package. This is enough to take you through a whole year. On top of this, you will be able to save $935.71. You only pay $363.89. If you were to buy the same number of pills from your local store, you would pay $25200. This means that Canadian pharmacies save you $24836. This is the same as saving you 98.56%.

Note that many fake pharmacies will entice you with low prices. Don’t trust random stores because low prices are used as a trick. Trust the pharmacies that we have investigated and approved. These are in our catalog.

Reputable Canadian Online Pharmacies

There are various pharmacies located in Canada which you can trust. After isolating these pharmacies from the thousands of fake pharmacies claiming to have their location in Canada, we have placed them in our catalog. For the best discounts and great medication, you can use these pharmacies. Among these pharmacies, Pharmacy Mall has always stood out:

Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall

You will be able to find any drug that you need at Pharmacy Mall. The store started operating in 1997. This means that they have enough knowledge to handle your orders and process them quickly. They will deliver what you order and not fake meds that resemble what you order. If your order exceeds 200 dollars, you will not pay for your shipping. Pharmacy Mall will cover it for you. Every order that you make will come with extra pills. The store has already served over a million patients and they have a large number of repeat clients. They have been accredited by regulating bodies such as MIPA and CIPA.

If you cannot read English, there is no need to worry. You will be able to change the language quite easily on this website. The site has different currencies which makes it easier for you to pay without wasting your time to convert your money or doing calculations. Reaching out to the pharmacy customer support department is quite easy. They have 2 numbers that you can use and a contact form that you can use to send them an email.

Canadian Pharmacies Mail Order

If you select the Canadian pharmacy to order from carefully, you will have the ability to get your meds delivered to you via mail order within a period of 14 to 21 days. The meds will arrive in a safe condition. If you receive meds which are already damaged, you have the ability to send the package back and receive a new one free of charge. Pharmacies that offer these awesome services can be found in our top-rated catalog. Don’t try to search them since you can be easily tricked given that there are thousands of scammers on the web.


If you perform a simple search on the web using the keywords “Discount Canadian Pharmacy”, you will come up with thousands of pharmacies. All of them will have enticing prices. But, don’t fall for any of these pharmacies. Their goal is not to offer you the drugs all the services that you deserve. Their major aim is to capitalize on your need to save money in order to steal all your money. To avoid these pharmacies, you have to avoid using random stores. Use only proven stores. We have these in our highly-rated catalog.