Drugs in Canada: What Does a Canadian Pharmacy Mean?

Canadian online pharmacies are among the most sought online pharmacies on the internet today. Drugs in Canada are said to be cheaper as compared to other countries hence Canadian online pharmacies sell more affordable medicines without sacrificing the quality of their products. Most online pharmacies operating in Canada have collaborated with giant pharmaceutical companies such as Ajanta Pharma, Sun Pharma, Pfizer, GSK, and Eli Lilly.

Aside from cheaper medicines, drug laws in Canada are not as strict in other countries. Drug importation law in Canada is said to be more relax just like in India and China. Along with this lax regulation come warnings about risks of ordering and using medicines from Canadian online pharmacies.

Risks of ordering medicines from Canadian Online Pharmacies

  • Risks of getting counterfeit medicines
  • Risks of getting substandard medicines
  • Risks of becoming a victim of fraud and identity theft

Promises of Canadian Pharmacies

  • They promise affordable medicines that give up to 70% savings
  • They promise 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • They promise 100% money-back guarantee
  • They promise reshipping of orders free of charge
  • They promise to deliver high-quality medicines

Drugs in Canada are mostly generic medicines. It is a misunderstanding though when we say drugs in Canada because in fact, those drugs are actually drugs that are manufactured in other countries that are sold by Canadian-based online pharmacies.

Canada Drugs Online Review

How would you know if you are dealing with a good Canada drug or a product sold by a Canadian Pharmacy? After doing some research, one of the ways we found was by checking online pharmacy reviews.

Sadly, most online pharmacies are joining the hype about Canadian online pharmacies. Fraudulent activities involving Canadian online pharmacies are actually works of people that are not involved in the medicine world. These people are cloning online pharmacies with the motive of stealing information of potential customers.

Canadian Pharmacy

A Canadian Pharmacy is an online store that offers prescription and over the counter medicines. Most Canadian pharmacies are selling generic medicines because it is more affordable.

According to the FDA, there are at least 1500 online pharmacies operating on the web

According to the FDA, there are at least 1500 online pharmacies operating on the web. Sadly, you can only trust 4% of them. For more information about online pharmacies that you can trust, you can check our list of recommended internet dispensaries.

Most Canadian pharmacies offer medicines that are hard to find or are not easy to purchase from your local pharmacists. One of these is erectile dysfunction medicine. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that most men won’t talk about. To avoid facing disgrace, most men will just purchase ED drugs online.

Aside from offering affordable medicines, here are some of the advantages offered by most Canadian pharmacies.

  • They offer a wide variety of drugs hence buyers have more options. For example, if you are looking for an ED medicine, at least 20 bands of ED medicines can be found from a single online pharmacy
  • They offer big discounts. In a local pharmacy, a generic Viagra might cost $5-8 yet online pharmacies offer it for less than $2 a tablet.
  • They offer freebies like bonus pills and free shipping. Discount codes are also available for some online pharmacies
  • Most online pharmacies do not ask for a prescription when dispensing Rx medicines.
  • They offer discreet packaging and guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • They offer medicines that are not legal in some countries, giving access to people who might need it badly

Although Canadian pharmacies claim that they are operating in Canada, they always have a disclaimer saying that their products are from India. These Canadian e-dispensaries also claim that the medicines they are shipping are approved by the local FDA, where it was manufactured.

Canada Drugs Coupon

With the tight competition between hundreds of Canadian pharmacies, one of their best tactic in winning a customer is giving out promotions thru the form of coupon codes. Coupon codes can be found on their website and in some third-party sites.

Canada Drugs Coupon

Canada Drugs Coupon

One example of a coupon code that you can use when ordering from a Canadian online pharmacy is a 25% off your total bill and free shipping.

Another example of a coupon code is a code that can give you up to $10 discount.

Most coupon codes are given out or valid for a certain date and time. Coupon codes can be used once only and most online pharmacies allow one coupon code per transaction. Coupon codes cannot be used with other promotions that the e-store is currently running.


Is it worth it to order a drug from Canada? According to our research, it is if you are able to find a reliable and trustworthy store because it means big savings. The problem is if you will end up with a scamming website and loses your money for nothing.

The risks involved in ordering online is high. Regardless of where your online pharmacy is located, there are still risks associated with ordering drugs online. To be sure that you are dealing with a legit online pharmacy and that you will be receiving genuine medicines, always check for signs of a scamming website. You can also check our list of top rated online pharmacies so you can have more options.

Scamming people is everywhere and you can become a victim of fraud even if you deal with a non-Canadian online pharmacy. The point is, you need to be vigilant when ordering online. Always compare each e-store, read reviews from their legit customers, and check their terms and conditions. A too good to be true online pharmacy (selling very affordable medicines) can be fake but it doesn’t mean that you should start looking for e-stores that offer expensive medicines. To sum it up, a Canadian Pharmacy means a store that offers low-priced drugs, it is up to you to find out which Canadian Pharmacy you can trust.

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