Pharmacy Rx World: Canada-Based Mail Order Prescription Drugs Service

Pharmacy Rx World is a Canada-based mail order prescription service. It is not a pharmacy—it’s a prescription service that mediates sales between local drugstores and consumers looking for ways to maximize their savings for their medicines.

Pharmacy Rx World Service

Based on the Pharmacy Rx World profile, it is a Canada-based online drugstore accredited by prestigious organizations like the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). According to the shop, it caters to international consumers and offers medicines from networks of legitimate ground drugstores located in India, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Turkey. Although the store revealed its drug sources, the shop did not state where exactly it is located or when its service commenced.

Pharmacy Rx World is offering prescription and non-prescription medicines from both brand and generic drug manufacturers. Although it is a prescription service, Pharmacy Rx World is still requiring the consumers to provide the needed Rx for the products, at least for the prescription-only medications. Buyers are encouraged to fax their prescriptions or send their prescription copies via email.

Since medicines on Pharmacy Rx World are sourced directly from the manufacturers, medicines marketed by this online drugstore are safe and effective to use. Customers can find medicines for pain relief, erectile dysfunction, asthma, blood pressure regulation, cholesterol management, and several others. Amongst the many products of the shop Pharmacy Rx World, the most popular ones include the following items:

  • Celebrex 200 mg – $237/180 capsules
  • Cialis 10 mg – $367/24 tablets
  • Viagra 100 mg – $132/12 tablets
  • Plavix 75 mg – $174/84 tablets
  • Zetia 10 mg – $317/30 tablets

Besides fulfilling buyer orders for human prescriptions, Pharmacy Rx World is also fulfilling pet prescriptions.

To order from Pharmacy Rx World, buyers may just choose the drug they need then proceed to checkout. If the medicines ordered are prescription-only, consumers may need to provide the necessary Rx for the products. The store also provides an option for the buyers to allow the store to contact their doctors for the prescriptions, at no extra cost.

Because of the international regulations for the maximum importation of medicines, Pharmacy Rx World is also limiting its buyers’ orders to just up to 90 days’ worth of medicines.

As for the shipping, customers can have their orders shipped for free if they exceed $49 worth of orders, but if their orders fall below $49, the store will charge $9.95 for the shipping fee. Payments accepted by Pharmacy Rx World include credit and debit card payments.

Pharmacyrxworld Complaints and Reviews

To get a clearer picture of the service of Pharmacy Rx World, we decided to search for online reviews for the drugstore. Fortunately, we were able to find web testimonials for the store from its former clients. However, it appears that not all of the consumers were pleased with Pharmacy Rx World’s overall service.

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Reviews for Pharmacy Rx World

Reviews for Pharmacy Rx World

The user Michele Veit gave the shop Pharmacy Rx World a score of 10 out of 10 points and stated that she finds the store recommendable. According to her October 2011 review, she has had three successful orders from Pharmacy Rx World and experienced no problems with the shop so far. She even mentioned that her doctors also order from this online pharmacy service.

Carol, on the other hand, only gave 8 out of 10 points to Pharmacy Rx World. According to her, the store gave her good prices for the medicines she needed, but she thinks that the shop could do better, especially with regards to shipping. She mentioned that her orders took a month to arrive, hence the low rating.

Pharmacy Rx World Complaints

Pharmacy Rx World Complaints

Pharmacy Rx World Complaints

Although some customers were pleased with Pharmacy Rx World’s overall service, there were clients who were horrified with the service rendered them by the shop.

According to an anonymous user, he’s ordered from Pharmacy Rx World three times a row—the first two times, his orders went smoothly, but his recent order was a mess. He mentioned that Pharmacy Rx World was “slow and pretty backward in the way they do business”. This user did not go into detail regarding his ordeal, but he made it clear that he was “disappointed and upset” with how his last order went. All in all, he gave the store only 1 out of 10 points.

Another user, Jenny Elt, gave a poor score of only 3 out of 5 to the shop Pharmacy Rx World. According to her, she was able to use the shop successfully before, but she did not push through with her most recent order because she noticed that the store did not have a secure payment portal like before and the shop asked her to provide images of her ID and her credit card’s back and front. Because of this, she vowed never to order from this shop again.

Pharmacy Rx World Recent Complaints

Pharmacy Rx World Recent Complaints

The most recent complaints about Pharmacy Rx World were about the drugstore sending generic medicines instead of the brand name drugs the buyers initially paid for and about hidden charges. Robert ordered the brand Viagra from Pfizer but he was sent unbranded Sildenafil 100 mg pills instead. James, on the other hand, was charged an extra $12.24 without his approval. These issues were never dealt with by Pharmacy Rx World.

PharmacyRXWorld Coupons and Offers

There are no current coupons and offers on Pharmacy Rx World, but the shop is offering conditional free shipping to interested consumers:

Pharmacy Rx World Free Shipping

Pharmacy Rx World Free Shipping

Buyers with orders greater than $49 are given free international shipping, which means that consumers can save roughly $10 because of the shipping fee.


Pharmacy Rx World is an online drugstore located in Canada and claims to be a member of CIPA Rx. Although the shop offers good prices to its consumers, Pharmacy Rx World has a history of buyer complaints from several review platforms. Although it is still inconclusive if the shop is a scam or not, we advise to thoroughly vet this store before finally deciding to purchase medicines here.