UsaDrugsOnline365: Was this Pharmacy Genuine When It Was Online?

UsaDrugsOnline365 was a pharmacy that used to sell generic medications on the web. When we tried to access their website, their IP address could not be located by the browser. This means that they are not online anymore. After looking at their reviews that we will be showing you in just a moment, you will be able to know why they are currently offline. The store claimed that the drugs that they sold were 100% approved by the FDA. They had an extensive catalog that included anti-anxiety meds, antifungal, antidepressants, cholesterol-lowering agents, blood pressure drugs, antibiotics, erectile dysfunction meds, diabetes meds, asthma meds and more.

While the pharmacy was still operational, it was not really clear on whether they required a customer to have a doctor’s prescription script before he or she could access meds. It is always good practice to have a doctor’s prescription before ordering meds so that you can be safe while you are using your drugs. A prescription script will eliminate the possibilities of having complications such as side effects. UsaDrugsOnline365 claimed that its medications originated from different countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. The products were packaged in discreet packages to ensure that everything was confidential. They only indicated the shipping address.

UsaDrugsOnline365 Reviews

There is no better way to judge pharmacy capabilities than through checking the experience that previous customers had when working with the pharmacy. We found various reviews online. The majority of their previous customers were complaining. Here are some of the reviews:

UsaDrugsOnline365 User Testimonials

UsaDrugsOnline365 User Testimonials

The first reviewer claims that UsaDrugsOnline365 is a scam site. They sent him fake pills. They also sold his credit card info to thieves. The second reviewer claims that they delay and lie about shipping products. He warns against ordering from UsaDrugsOnline365. He claims that they will steal your credit card information. He used a credit card that he had not used for 2 years. Four days after his order, he noticed fraudulent charges on his credit card.

UsaDrugsOnline365 Testimonial

UsaDrugsOnline365 Testimonial

Kelly wishes that she had found the reviews before placing her order. It had been 5 weeks since she ordered her meds. She started a chat with them and they told her that her meds had been delivered to Las Vegas. They said that they would refund or reship. She asked for reshipment since she had noticed fraudulent charges on her credit card and she was not willing to disclose her financial information to the company again. She still hasn’t received her meds.

UsaDrugsOnline365 User Feedback (Source: https://repdigger

UsaDrugsOnline365 User Feedback (Source:

The above reviewer claims that he got scammed. He received fake pills. He has no idea what was in them but he is certain it is not Diazepam which is the correct active ingredient. He warns against ordering anything from the pharmacy. He says that they are selling drugs which are 100% fake. He says that they are selling poison and someone is going to get hurt.

Reading the above reviews, you get to understand why the pharmacy is no longer operational. They used to steal credit card data and sell it. After paying for their meds, the customers found that their credit cards were being charged fraudulently. The drugs that they delivered were 100% fake. They were among the pharmacies which form more than 90% of the online pharmacies. It is, therefore, a good idea to avoid buying your meds from random stores. You don’t want to lose your money, end up with fake drugs which will harm your health and have your credit card data stolen. Use the pharmacies in our catalog to avoid all these issues.

USA Drugs Online 365 Discount Code

This website claimed that they were offering their drugs at a cheap enough price. They were not offering any coupon or promo codes. The only thing that they were offering was free shipping under a condition which was high enough such that very few people could manage to become eligible for this offer:

UsaDrugsOnline365 Free Shipping

UsaDrugsOnline365 Free Shipping

The only offer they had was for the free delivery of your drugs if you purchased drugs worth 600 dollars. Based on the reviews that we have already checked, it seems like even this offer was fake. They never delivered drugs to their consumers. Also, if they did deliver them, they delivered fake meds. Therefore, the free delivery would have been useless.

UsaDrugsOnline365 Viagra

Purchasing your Viagra in the local store is something that is destined to leave you financially destabilized especially if you are on a budget. The drug was available at UsaDrugsOnline365 and it had very cheap prices. If you purchased the smallest package that had 10 pills in it, you would require paying $3.61 for a pill. If you increased the number of pills and purchased them in bulk, the price would go down. You would only need to pay $1.24 for a pill if you bought the 360-pills package.

The pharmacy claimed that they would deliver your Viagra and all the other meds that you order through Express Mail Shipping (EMS). This usually takes about 14 days. If you did not receive your package even after 30 days, you could start an email chat on their website via the form available on their contact page. They had a toll-free phone number which is 1-888-851-7040. They claimed that they would solve all your problems for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


UsaDrugsOnline365 is a good example of the many pharmacies that terrorize people on the web. We have already looked at the reviews that their previous users had left. These prove that they didn’t offer any value to their customers. They stole their credit card data and sold it. They delivered fake drugs and sometimes they delivered nothing. Pharmacies like UsaDrugsOnline365 have to be avoided. But, if you look at the UsaDrugsOnline365 homepage, you will notice it resembles all other real pharmacies. This is why we advise against trying to find real pharmacies on your own since you will get tricked. Instead, use the pharmacies available in our catalog to stay safe.