About Hearing Loss And Types Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a problem of listening which usually occurs when the sensitivity of hearing becomes very low. In order to properly understand the whole process of hearing loss it is really very important to earlier understand that how the normal hearing process takes place. So here is the explanation. There are two different pathways by which the sound waves can produce the required sensation so that one can hear properly. It is the air conduction and the second is the bone conduction.

Types of hearing loss

There are around two major types of hearing loss under which all other types of hearing loss are supposed to come in. The first one is the conductive hearing loss and the second one is the sensor neural type of hearing loss. The conductive hearing loss does usually results from the various physical problems with movement of sound wave that passes through the ear of the patient.

There is also a simple example of this which is the blockage of ear canal. It is mainly cause by the factors like otosclerosis, any of the foreign body presence in ear, ear canal infection, the benign tumors, and the perforated eardrums ear allergies, poor function of the tube, infection in the ear or the malformation of the outer ear or in the structure of the middle ear. A surgical repairing in the air of the patient can be sometime a good and enough things to cure this problem.

The second type of the hearing loss is categorized as the sensorineural hearing loss. The major causes of this type of hearing loss are aging, family history of hearing loss, any type of autoimmune disease related to ear, any disease or virus, exposure with the loud noise or the malformation of year can also cause this. The treatment of this kind of disease is usually done on the basis of that the patient is suffering from exactly which kind of hearing loss problems. Emergency surgery can also be beneficial.

In a few number of cases this disorder can also be caused by otosclerosis. This is known to be a type of the hereditary disorders in which the bony growth is supposed to form around the complete small bone of the middle earit can easily prevent it from the vibration when it is supposed to get stimulated by any means of the sound.