Bestpricerx – A Good Place for Those Who Look for the Best Options

Bestpricerx or is an online pharmacy referral service that helps customers find the cheapest and the best medications from Canadian pharmacy websites. Bestpricerx is not a pharmacy itself but a company that is affiliated with hundreds of online drugstores, serving as a gateway to customers who are looking for effective meds at affordable costs. Though it is not an online pharmacy, the website of Bestpricerx is designed as an online pharmacy to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. For the customers to have quick access to the medicines that they need, Bestpricerx has a search box on the upper part of its webpage. The search results work for both generic and brand name medicines so customers should have no problems in finding their drug. For a surer way to find their medication, customers can also use the alphabetical assortment of drugs just beside the search box.

Buyers will also find pet meds at Bestpricerx, both over the counter and prescription medications for their little friends. Since Bestpricerx is a pharmacy referral service, it has a complete price list that will allow customers to compare the costs of the medicines offered by various pharmacies to one another. This works not only for pet drugs but for human meds as well and is a feature that suits customers who are always looking for the best options possible. The only downside about its pet medications is that the drugs are categorized by their brand names and not by the conditions that they’re used for. This makes it slightly difficult for the customers to find what they need unless they are exactly familiar with the names and uses of various pet drugs.

There are actually three ways to order from Bestpricerx and the most common one is through its website. Buyers can browse its wide selection of medicines and once they find the one that they need, they can click the Add to Cart button. Once they finish choosing their meds and adding them to cart, they can proceed to the checkout page to pay for their orders. The next method of ordering available at Bestpricerx is through the phone where the customers will be assisted by the customer support personnel. Ordering through the phone is the easiest and the fastest way of ordering since the customer support people are very familiar with the prices and the products offered at Bestpricerx. They can even help the customers get the best deals available for certain medications. To reach Bestpricerx, customers should call its toll-free hotline which is 1 888 487 4224.

The third option available for ordering meds at Bestpricerx is through mail or fax. In this method, customers should simply download the order form which is available on its website and print it. After filling out the form with their orders and other details, they can either fax it to Bestpricerx’s fax number which is 1 888 325 3149 or mail the form to its physical address at 3129 Yonge St., Suite 306, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4N 3S1.

Unfortunately, Bestpricerx doesn’t operate round the clock but it is open 7 days a week. From Monday to Friday, it is online from 5 o’clock in the morning until 12 o’clock midnight CST. On weekends, it is also open but its online hours are on from 5 o’clock in the morning until 8 o’clock in the evening. The shipment of orders within North America has a fee of $9.99 while international shipping charges are at $19.99. Orders from North America only takes more or less a week of waiting time while international orders may take for up to 6 weeks before arriving. For North American customers whose orders have not yet arrived after 21 days, they can request a free reshipment and for customers who wish for a refund, they can contact its customer service hotlines.

Best Price Rx Reviews

BestPriceRx Reviews

BestPriceRx Reviews

Above are two contrasting reviews from two different customers and let’s see how well or how bad their experience was with shopping their meds from BestPriceRx. The first one is from a customer names “mbatten” who complains of receiving expired medicines. The customer ordered 1 year supply of statins but found that the medicines are already set to expire just after 8 months. He contacted the customer hotline but was not satisfied with the response that he received, saying that he must wait for the expiration date of the meds before he sends them back for replacements. He just gave Bestpricerx a 2.2-star rating.

The next review is entirely different from the first one as this customer from the Philippines has been ordering his meds from Bestpricerx for 3 years already. He had no problems with the quality of the risperidone and divalproex NA that he orders and were satisfied with their prices which are up 95% cheaper than his local pharmacies. He gave Bestpricerx a 5-star rating for this.

Is Bestpricerx Legit?

So far, Bestpricerx appears to be legitimate since there are no complains about its website related to fraud or scam. It has maintained its good reputation since 2012 back when it was established and continues to be a pharmacy referral site of good standing. Its domain name itself is a proof that it is legitimate since it is tagged by the internet as a secure site, using the HTTPS before its domain name and having a padlock icon before it. It uses SSL certificates to encrypt the information being sent by the buyers for their protection.


GoodRx Webpage

GoodRx Webpage

GoodRx is a different website and it is all about helping the customers find the best prices of medicines among local pharmacies in the US. The affiliates of GoodRx are corporate drugstore chains and other independent local pharmacies and what it does is it provides discount cards and coupons for customers to use to get discounted prices for their medication. GoodRx is a non-profit organization whose only aim is to help Americans save money by finding low-priced alternatives to expensive prescription drugs.


Bestpricerx is a good place for customers to visit if they want to find a complete price list of medicines from various online Canadian pharmacies and look for the best options. Bestpricerx is not an online pharmacy but a pharmacy referral service that has hundreds of partner online pharmacies linked to it. It also sells pet medications to customers and ordering meds here is easy as it can be done online, through phone or through fax/mail. To find online pharmacies with cheap and effective selection of drugs, visit our top list of recommended pharmacies.