Buy Pain Medications Online-Without Prescription        

Pain medications are drugs that are used to relieve various aches in the body like a headache, sore muscles, and pain resulting from arthritis, among other pains. Different pains will respond to specific drugs and will remain stubborn in others. In the same way, different people respond differently to different drugs; to one person, a certain drug may work very well while for another it may not have any effect at all.

Majority of the health complications that are troubling many people will result in pain and this has increased the demand for pain medications. On the other hand the cost of pain medication has gone high and because a person who is in pain cannot live without the drug, many have resulted to buying the drugs online as they are cheaper.

Online pharmacies have made the procedure of buying the drugs very simple and in addition, the purchase can be done at any time of the day or night. Once you buy the drugs, you will have them delivered to your doorstep in the shortest possible time.

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How to Buy Pain Medications Online Without Prescription

Just in the same way you can buy some of the pain-relieving drugs at local pharmacies without a prescription, it is also possible to buy some of the pain-relieving drugs online without the need for a prescription. All you have to do is look out for a reputable online pharmacy that sells original drugs and one which will assure you of the security of your credit card details.

Once you have identified a good pharmacy, you will search for the pain medication you wish to buy and if it is in stock, you will click on it and add it to cart. After pressing the checkout button, you will be redirected to the payment page where you will fill in the details of your payment and the shipping details as well. Once this is complete, your drugs will be shipped to wherever you are within the shortest possible time.

If the pain medications you wish to buy online will require a prescription and you do not have it, you can still get a chance to get a prescription online. The pharmacy will direct you to a reliable online doctor who will hold a consultation with you, just like a doctor who is physically present would. If he is satisfied that you need to take the drugs, he will send your prescription via email to the pharmacy you wish to buy from and you can now continue to place your order.

Some pharmacies will offer free delivery of the pain medication and this will make the total cost of the drugs cheaper. Others will charge a small fee for the shipment but the cost will still be lower than that of local pharmacies.

Buy Pain Medication Online Precautions

Buy Pain Medication Online Precautions

As a result of the many rogue pharmacies that sell fake drugs online and also take advantage of the details sent to them by customers, there is need to be very cautious when buying drugs online. Below are precautions that you should observe when buying online:

  • If an online pharmacy offers to sell drugs that require a prescription without it, do not buy from them. Any legitimate pharmacy must follow the set rules and instead of selling the drugs without a prescription, they will direct you to a place where you will get a prescription.
  • If a pharmacy’s price of the pain medications is too low, do not be tempted to buy from them. These drugs could be fake or even expired and using them will be putting your life at risk. If the pharmacy keeps sending you spam emails asking you to buy from them, do not buy from them.
  • The pharmacy you buy from must be verified and have a VIPPS verification stamp on its website. It must also clearly indicate its physical location and provide contact number with which they can be reached.
  • Before you buy the pain medication online, ensure that the drugs are well labeled and they have a similar appearance to the drugs sold at local pharmacies. If the drugs have a different appearance, do not buy them as they could be fake.
  • If you have to go through a third party to access services at a pharmacy, do not buy from such. You must be able to make the order directly on the pharmacy’s website. Any breach of privacy should not be entertained when buying online.
  • The person attending to you should not just be a salesperson; he should be a licensed pharmacist and he should be able to answer all your questions regarding the drugs you are purchasing.
  • You should also check the reviews of customer who have previously bought from the pharmacy. These will tell you if the pharmacy is legitimate and if they will indeed deliver original pain medication. If most of the reviews are negative, do not buy from such a pharmacy.

Pain Medication Online Price

The price of pain medication online is quite low compared to the price of the same drugs in local pharmacies. This is as a result of the low cost of running online pharmacies as compared to the cost of running a local pharmacy. An online pharmacy will not require a huge hall to be able to operate neither will it require many staffs to attend to customers. As a result, it will be able to sell the drugs at a very cheap price.

Online pharmacies usually buy directly from drug manufacturers, unlike local pharmacies that have to depend on middlemen to get the drugs. The huge discounts passed on to them will enable them to sell the drugs at a very low price.

The competition factor is also another reason the drug prices are low in online pharmacies; every pharmacy is working hard to win as many clients as possible and for this reason, the drug prices remain low to the customers’ advantage.

Photo of a pain-relieving drug

Photo of a pain-relieving drug


Buying pain medication online without prescription is only advisable if the drugs in question can be sold over-the-counter. If the drugs will require a prescription, you should ensure that the pharmacy you wish to buy from asks for the prescription and if you do not have it, they should be willing to guide you on how you can get a prescription from an online pharmacy. For guidance on the best online pharmacies to buy pain medication from, refer to our list of Top Online Pharmacies and select one among the listed verified stores.