Review: A Pharmacy with Mixed Consumer Reactions

The first thing you will notice about is that they are accredited by CIPA. This is the first thing they state on their website. This means that after CIPA observing them, they determined the online pharmacy offered legal services and drugs. The store is also an approved member of Pharmacy Checker. Pharmacy checker is a program that has been around for more than a decade and a half. It helps people find safe online pharmacies. claims that they have already managed to earn the trust of thousands of patients located from all over the globe. The number of customers they serve on a yearly basis is more than 250,000.

They inform their buyers that the meds they will receive after ordering via the website may be sourced from a pharmacy that is not located in the Canadian soil. Some of their fulfillment centers are located in Singapore, New Zealand, Mauritius, Turkey, and India. This online pharmacy claims that you will have the ability to pay the lowest price for your meds. If you manage to get cheaper prices for the same meds on another website, they promise to offer you a price that is 10% lower. You can use email, mail, telephone, fax, and their website to place your order. The store claims that you will get 100% authentic products from them with every product shipped to you in the original manufacturer package.

Canada Drug Center Reviews

The fact that has managed to get approval from both CIPA and Pharmacy Checker may prove to be a reason enough for you to believe that the store will offer you great services. Getting accreditation is one of the factors that you need to consider. One other important factor to look at is the reviews that people have left behind for the pharmacy.

Canadadrugcenter User Testimonials (source:

The first reviewer says that has the best prices and he has never had any issues when buying his meds from the pharmacy. He claims he is sure the negative reviews are from competitors. He claims that the pharmacies are trying to use slam campaigns. He claims the fact meds take longer to arrive when ordered via is because they are being ordered from another country.

The second reviewer says that is horrible. He claims that he placed an order at back in 2005. It is 2016 and the pharmacy is still calling him trying to make him order from them again. They call almost every week.

The third reviewer claims that he is not sure why there are all the negative reviews regarding He has ordered from the pharmacy twice and he has always experienced great results. He has rated the shipping he gets 9.99 which means it is great. The price was higher which is why he gave the pharmacy a 4-star rating.

The final reviewer states that he does not know why is on the Pharmacy Checker list. He does not think that they want to do business worldwide. They asked him to send in his prescription together with his driving license. Hey informed him that there was no guarantee he would receive his order. The shipping cost was also $50. The total cost was $81 which made the drugs expensive than in the local pharmacy. He says he feels that is a scam.

As you can see from the above reviews, has both positive and negative reviews. Some of the buyers indicated that they are not happy with the services they got from There is a way to get access to a pharmacy that has only positive reviews. You can do this by using our top-rated catalog.

Canada Drug Center Promo Code

We searched online in order to try and find out whether it was possible for someone to get access to promo codes which could help him or her reduce the drug prices offered by We found some promo codes. We have some of them here:

Canadadrugcenter Coupons

The first coupon code offers the buyer a chance to eliminate $10 from his order. The code should be used to check out. The second coupon code offered the buyer a chance to save on shipping cost. If you use this coupon, you will have the ability to get your order delivered to you without spending any money on the shipping.

Canada Drug Center Phone Number

Having the ability to contact a pharmacy is an important factor that you need to consider before ordering your meds. If it is easy to communicate with a pharmacy, it means that you will be safer. has their contact details on their contact page.

If you are looking to call them you can use their toll-free number which is 1-877-270-3784 or their international telephone number which is 1-604-278-5344. If you prefer using fax, they have two toll-free fax numbers which are 1-877-777-9144 or 1-877-703-3005. Their 24-hour international fax is 1-604-357-1259.

If you prefer communicating via the email, you have the ability to use the email [email protected] Their mail address which they state that it does not accept returns is PO Box 97176 Richmond Main Post Office Richmond, BC Canada V6Y 4H4. Both the messaging and Fax lines are operational 24 hours every 7 days a week. You can fill out a form on their contact page to send this pharmacy an email.


Based on the reviews, we can conclude that offers both great and mediocre services. Some people are complaining after they got bad services while others are congratulating for offering great services and prices. If you have to trust an online pharmacy, you will need to find a pharmacy that has no negative reviews. This can be hard given that you will have to choose this pharmacy from thousands of online pharmacies on the web. We make it easier for you. We have a catalog that features the top-rated online pharmacies. Choose from these pharmacies and you will be 100% safe.