Canadian Pharmacy King Reviews: Know the Truth About this Store

Canadian Pharmacy King has been operating for a decade and a half. The store opened doors back in the year 2003. They are based in Surrey, British Columbia. The store has been accredited by CIPA. Although the store operates from Canada, the drugs that they sell are usually filled in various locations around the globe. They offer a variety of medication. These include antidepressants, arthritis and anti-inflammatory drugs, Asthma medication, Birth control pills, blood pressure meds, cancer meds, eye care drugs, men’s health and women’s health drugs.

If you would like to take home any of the medications that they offer, you have to show up with a prescription if the drug you are obtaining is a prescription med. The store claims that they have a team of highly trained customer support staff who have the ability to speak multiple languages including Spanish. The store states on their about page that since their establishment they have already satisfied more than 80,000 patients. They have already filled over 150,000 orders. Their store carries more than 1000 prescription and non-prescription drugs. They claim that they offer their customers the chance to save more than 85% on their Meds

Canadian Pharmacy King User Reviews

If you are trying to get the clear picture of how a pharmacy operates, you need to check their reviews. We searched the internet in order to make it easier for you to locate the reviews for Canadian Pharmacy King. Here are some of the reviews:

Canadian Pharmacy King Review (source: https://edrugsearch

Canadian Pharmacy King Review (source:

Juan S. says that she uses the pharmacy on a regular basis every month. She has never had any problem with the staff. They are always cheerful and ready to help you in any way. She is able to get a 77% percent saving on her medication. It has been over 5 years since she started using Canadian Pharmacy King with her family and they haven’t noticed anything that could steer her away from ordering from the store.

Canadian Pharmacy King User Testimonials (source: https://www

Canadian Pharmacy King User Testimonials (source:

The first reviewer claims that he found the pharmacy using He decided to rate them where he found them. Their customer service was great to him. He called before he ordered to ensure that he could get a rep if he needed one. He set his account online, his doctor faxed his prescription. Just like they had promised, they called him in New Jersey before they charged his card. He was informed that his meds should arrive within a period of 10 to 14 days. He received the drugs after 9 days. He will use Canadian Pharmacy King again. He has rated the store 5 stars.

The second reviewer placed his first order with Canadian Pharmacy King on August 20. The customer service was helpful. His meds arrived after a period of 7 days. This was even sooner than he had anticipated. His first experience with the pharmacy has been excellent. He hopes that they will continue to be efficient.

From the above reviews, it is clear that the pharmacy offers great medications, an awesome chance to save money on your meds and timely delivery time. The majority of comments that they had online were positive. This places them among the genuine stores. But, what are their prices in comparison to what other stores have to offer?

Canadian Pharmacy King Viagra

Viagra is a common medication that has a high demand in the Canadian stores. This is because the majority of men have shifted from ordering their meds locally where they are overcharged to the online stores. The price for Viagra locally does not go below $70. That is the price for a single pill. The price for the same brand Viagra at Canadian Pharmacy King is as follows:

Canadian Pharmacy King Brand Viagra Price

Canadian Pharmacy King Brand Viagra Price

The cheapest price that you will get is when you order 16 tablets of the brand Viagra that originates from Turkey. The price per pill will be $9.69. The prices for generic Viagra are much better:

Canadian Pharmacy King Generic Viagra Price

Canadian Pharmacy King Generic Viagra Price

The generic Viagra appears to be very cheap. For example, when you order Silagra from Cipla, you pay $40 for 24 tablets. This means that each tablet is worth $1.67 dollars. The price for Canadian generic Viagra is higher with each pill going for $3.53. The price for Suhagra which also originates from Cipla is $1.92 per pill.

Canadian Pharmacy King Mail order

If you will be ordering your prescription meds regularly from Canadian Pharmacy King, you should opt for the mail order delivery method. This is a cheaper method, it takes lesser days, and you will get your medications delivered to your doorstep. If you are ordering prescription drugs, your doctor will have to fax your prescription. You will then be required to pay for your drugs. The payment methods accepted by Canadian Pharmacy King include a Visa, a MasterCard, and a check. We recommend that you use either a MasterCard or a Visa since both of these are credit cards and you will have the ability to dispute your charges if the need arises. The delivery for mail order meds usually takes 14 to 21 days. Reputable stores should be able to give you a method to track your package until you finally get it.


Evidence that we have found in the reviews prove that Canadian Pharmacy King is a good store that has the ability to deliver what you are looking for to you. They do this on time and they will offer the best customer service if the need arises. Our major goal is to always help our readers locate quality drug stores present on the web. We help our readers keep the money that they pay for their drugs as low as possible. For this reason, we have a top-rated catalog. Check this catalog and find stores from which you can order drugs, get the lowest price deals, receive the package on time, and receive great customer service communication.