Canada Meds – What are Your Options?

The better way to put the term “Canada Meds” is “Canadian Meds”. Medications or “Meds” from Canada are like meds from any other country, whether prescription or over-the-counter, they have the same active ingredients and cure the same illnesses. What then is all the fuss about meds from Canada? The basic distinction when it comes to Canadian meds is that meds from Canada are generally more affordable in terms of pricing compared to drugs in the United States.

Canadian Meds

A lot of research has pointed out that price differences between drugs from Canada and those in the United States are considerably high, sometimes totalling more than a hundred percent. The basic reason why Canadian meds are cheaper is that there are price regulation policies that govern pharmaceutical products in Canada. You may want to know why these same policies have not been implemented in the United States, that is a discussion for another day.

Since it is a popular knowledge that Canadian meds are cheaper, what are the means by which you can procure them? You can travel to Canada to procure Canadian meds but this option is only reasonable for those who reside along the border, those who will incur little or no cost in crossing over the border to Canada to procure Canadian meds. So what is the reasonable option for you if you do not reside along the US – Canadian border? Using a Canadian online pharmacy is the answer. If you have basic knowledge on how to use a personal computer or mobile phone and the internet, you are good to go.

Mail Order Prescription Drugs From Canada

Canadian online pharmacies are virtual pharmacies that operate on the internet, they get orders to customers by using the mail-order system, hence they are also called mail-order pharmacies. Sometimes these online pharmacies are only an extension of a conventional stationary pharmacy. Considering the fact that the internet is highly accessible to their customers, they have extended their services to include online pharmacy services and mail-order delivery.

Means of making an order on a Canadian online pharmacy include electronic means such as email, a call or fax. The kind of meds offered by Canadian online pharmacies ranges from basic over-the-counter meds like Paracetamol to prescription drugs like Viagra. Reputable Canadian online pharmacies do not sell prescription drugs without a prescription and proper consideration of a customer’s medical history which in every regard is for the benefit and safety of their customers. Although choosing the Canadian meds option presents a certain convenience, some questions that must be raised include the risks involved in this option, the legitimacy of this option and fraud.

Buying Prescription Drugs

Reputable Canadian Online Pharmacies

Purchasing your meds from a reputable Canadian online pharmacy removes the fraud question from the risks associated with procuring Canadian meds. Disreputable and fraudulent sites that claim to be Canadian online pharmacies are a major issue since there are even more of them than the real and reputable ones on the web. Basically, telling fraudulent sites from real ones is a task but there are some things that differentiate them.

Low pricing is a strong point of advertisement for Canadian online pharmacies hence the emphasize it but fraudulent online pharmacy websites also emphasize it but the difference is that these fake websites offer meds at ridiculously low, prices which are often too good to be true. Reputable Canadian online pharmacies also provide excellent customer service as opposed to the sloppy customer services of fake websites. This is because professionals handle customer service in a reputable Canadian online pharmacy.

Canadian Pharmacy Dispenser, Trust Pharmacy

Reputable Canadian online pharmacies are certified and licensed by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and other reputable institutions. They offer toll-free call and fax lines. They also offer cashback return and guarantee on defective products and other incentives. Their websites are well designed and securely encrypted for online transactions as opposed to fake online pharmacy websites. Check our list of Reputable and Trusted online pharmacies to get your meds.

Buy Prescription Drugs Online Without a Prescription

Buying prescription drugs online without a prescription is not exactly a good idea even though it happens to be possible. There is a higher chance that an online pharmacy that does not require a prescription to dispense prescription meds is fake since reputable online pharmacies require a prescription to dispense prescription meds. Buying prescription drugs online without a prescription also puts you at risk of buying counterfeited or overdosed drugs or falling victim to a fraudulent online pharmacy website.

A drug is designated a prescription drug because it is meant to be administered only at the prescription of a certified health practitioner. Doctors prescribe different drugs in different strengths for different patients and varying conditions. You should see a doctor to get a prescription if you see the need to buy and use a prescription drug, this will help you avoid the risks mentioned above and others not mentioned. Consider our Catalog of Online Pharmacies Approved by customers worldwide.


The option of procuring Canadian meds is an option to save money on every drug purchase since they are a more affordable option. The truth is that even though there is a question of the legitimacy of procuring Canadian meds from Canadian online pharmacies abroad because this violates certain contraband laws, the rules to play by are not stringent. The Authorities do not care much about individual drug purchases since certain US states conduct programs to help patients get drugs from more affordable options abroad. Be wary of scam sites that pose as online pharmacies when you want to buy Canadian meds. Check our list of Trusted online pharmacies to buy your prescription drugs.