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Rx Plus Pharmacy is a family-owned pharmacy that was founded in 2006. The main focus of the pharmacy is to provide personalized health care services to patients at affordable prices. Staffs at this pharmacy ensure that their interaction with patients will ensure that they are well informed regarding the medications sold to them at the pharmacy and also provide counseling regarding their health status, a service that cannot be found in any other pharmacy.

Rx Plus Pharmacy staff have grown with the pharmacy and therefore carry the mission at heart; they share the same ethics, desires, as well as the goal of providing the drugs the customers need, not those others think they should have and ensure that any customer who enters through the pharmacy doors or contacts them online will get the attention they have been yearning for in their search for medical help.

The communication lines at the pharmacy are always open and there is always somebody waiting to talk to you regarding any issue including placing orders online. The management has ensured that the staffs have been trained to conduct themselves in an ethical manner; any fraudulent activities or the use of abusive language will not be tolerated at the pharmacy. If any employee is found guilty of breaking any of the set rules and regulations, they can be given a warning letter, reprimanded, suspended, fined, or even sacked and this is a clear proof of the pharmacy’s commitment to ensuring that their customers get the best services. The pharmacy staffs have also been given the freedom to report any act that violates their rights as employees which gives them a sense of belonging and assurance that their efforts are not taken lightly.

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Rx Plus Pharmacy Reviews

Customers who have bought from this pharmacy say that they are glad they are able to buy drugs from the pharmacy. However, the reviews are located only on the its own website and therefore, can t be trusted to be 100% authentic. Yasmeen J says that this is the second time they are using Rx Plus Pharmacy and he loves the fact that they provide delivery services free of charge. The only problem with the services at the pharmacy is that they take a longer time to deliver the drugs and will not agree to specify the time that the delivery will be made. He is however glad that the delivery guy always calls to inform him when his delivery is expected.

Karen I. says that she is unhappy that they took so long to pick her calls and any attempt to request the pharmacy to get back to her was all in vain. After a long wait, she was finally able to contact the pharmacy and she received the help she desired. She is worried that this is not expected of the highly reputed pharmacy.

Another client by the name Flint Y. says she is ever grateful that the pharmacy will deliver the drugs to her doorstep and you will not have to incur huge expenditures on transportation. She does not have to carry a huge box full of prescription drugs from the pharmacy. Another plus is that the pharmacy will provide manufacturer’s coupons to ensure that you pay the least possible price for the drugs without making any effort. Like Karen, she says the greatest disappointment with the pharmacy is the time that one has to wait before a call is picked. She sometimes has to wait for thirty minutes before the call is answered.

Rx Plus Pharmacy customer reviews

From the above reviews, it is evident that the greatest disappointment about the pharmacy is the time taken to attend to customers call and the pharmacy should work hard to ensure that this is improved. Some people who are not patient enough will not wait for such a long time to have their calls attended.

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Rx Plus Pharmacy

Rx Plus Pharmacy will offer free delivery of prescription medication to their customers on specific days. For those who live in surrounding areas, they will receive van deliveries where those receiving the drugs will have the opportunity to interact with the licensed pharmacists who accompany the delivery guys. They will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the medications and they will be attended to.

For those who live in places where the delivery vans do not cover, the drugs will be mailed and it will take a few days for the drugs to get to you. You will receive the drugs after ten days and if this does not happen, you can contact the pharmacy who will resend your prescription.

As compensation to customers whose orders failed to be delivered, the pharmacy will send a thirty day supply without charging you. You will be notified via mail immediately your order is dispatched so that you can make arrangements to receive the package and arrange for refrigeration if the drugs should be stored in a cool place.

Rx Plus Pharmacy Phone Number

Rx Plus Pharmacy has kept its lines of communication open to ensure that their customers will be able to reach them whenever the need arises. They have provided a toll-free telephone number through which you can contact them either by calling or sending a text message through 1-844-335-0257.

You can also contact them via fax or email and you will get a response as soon as possible. Customers can also participate in online surveys or chat live with a pharmacist who will answer all your questions and offer professional advice where they can. You can also follow the pharmacy on social media where you will freely interact with other customers who shop at the pharmacy and the pharmacy staff as well.


Rx Plus Pharmacy offers personalized services by the specially trained staff. The drugs will be delivered to customer’s homes and customers do not have to travel all the way to the pharmacy to pick their prescriptions. Customers who live beyond the areas covered by delivery guys are not left out as well as they will be able to receive their drugs via mail. Though this may take some time, the drugs will get to them. Always remain alert when buying drugs online so that you will not end up buying fake drugs. You can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies where you can choose one among the many reliable online pharmacies listed there.