Dehydration Causes, Signs and symptoms

Dehydration is just a type of problem which means your body now does not has as much amount of water and the required fluids as it should have. In short hence it is the deficiency of water in the body. Dehydration problem can be of many a number of levels. Sometime it is mild, sometime moderate and sometime it becomes severe which is based on the fact that how much amount of the body fluid is getting lost or which is not replenished. In case when the problem of this disease is not severe the problems of dehydration is a lifethreatening and the emergency problems for many of us.

Dehydration is a problem which occurs to the person especially when the total amount of water which is leaving out of the body becomes greater than to the amount of water which is being taken in side of the body. The body of each one of us is always very dynamic and this does also always keeps changing. This fact is especially true in case if the body of any of the person remains in touch with water for a long time. Eliminating waste, sweating and breathing are the reasons which can be the problems that causes person to have the problems of dehydration.

Signs and symptoms

The body of each one of is designed in such a way that it gives the initial responses which uis visible as a result of dehydration. It then also causes to increase the thirst which is basically to increase the water intake of the body and at the same time to decrease the urine output. This is basically done in order to try for the conservation or for the water loss. The urine in this process sometime can also become concentrated or sometime it can also be more and more yellow in the color.

As and when the level of the water loss got to increase there are more and more number of symptoms starts becomingclearly apparent. There are also a few signs and symptoms which still appears. The following are given the further signs and the symptoms of the problem on dehydration.

Dry mouth



Stopped sweating


Decreased output amount of urine

Lessening of eye drops called the tears


Dehydration is a problem which occurs mainly because of the fact that there is always too much water which gets lost from the body or not enough amount of water takes in or in most common cases the combination of more than one of them is also the cause of it.




Inability to drink the fluids

Burns or


These are the major reasons which are supposed to be the cause of the problem of dehydration.