Global Pharmacy Plus Reviews: Find Out How Good this Pharmacy Is

Global Pharmacy Plus is a Canadian pharmacy that has been providing pharmaceutical services on the web for exactly 14 years now. This pharmacy was established in 2004. Up to now, the store has managed to gain over 200,000 customers. The store claims the medications they sell are sourced from various licensed pharmacies around the globe. These pharmacies are located in Europe, Singapore, and India. By sourcing their meds from foreign pharmacies, Global Pharmacy Plus claims they get the ability to maintain medication prices as low as possible. In comparison to the prices that you will get your medication in the United States, Global Pharmacy Plus offers these medications at a fraction price.

To give you a good example of the prices that you will find at Global Pharmacy Plus, we can consider the prices for Cialis. The 20 mg brand Cialis will cost you 20 dollars a pill. When the same pills are sourced from your local store, you will have to pay 70 dollars. The generic Cialis is even cheaper. A 20 mg pill will cost you 3.5 dollars. Global Pharmacy Plus promises their customers a 100% money back guarantee in case you receive defective goods or you never get to see your package.

Global Pharmacy Plus Canada Reviews

One question that we find revolving around Global Pharmacy Plus is on whether this store is legal or it is a fake pharmacy trying to take money that it does not deserve. Answering this question may be tough without looking at what previous customers have to say regarding their shopping experience with Global Pharmacy Plus. We have searched online and located the reviews left behind by online shoppers who used Global Pharmacy Plus. We found thousands of reviews. Over 90% of these reviews were positive. The only complaints were from people who wanted Global Pharmacy Plus to accept Visa and American Express credit cards as a method of payment. Some of the reviews we found are below:

Global Pharmacy Plus Reviews (source: http://www

Global Pharmacy Plus Reviews (source:

Babs reports that everything was smooth. When the reorder page requested for a prescription, her doctor managed to fax it the day before. It took less than a day for it to appear in the system. The entire ordering process took only a few minutes to finish. She did not experience any hassles. She indicates that Global Pharmacy Plus is a good pharmacy to do business with.

The second reviewer was experiencing problems with his Doctor’s office faxing the prescription. He claims that the Global Pharmacy Plus team was patient, calm, and helpful. They offered suggestions on how the problem could be eliminated. He talked with two different members of the customer support department. Both these support agents were happy to help out. They were professional and respectful. The final reviewer indicates that he has already told his doctor that Global Pharmacy Plus is the pharmacy that people should be shopping for their meds.

Global Pharmacy Plus Coupon

Coupons are always an attractive idea to online shoppers. We checked online in order to find out whether Global Pharmacy Plus had any promo codes and deals which people could use to save more of their cash. We were able to locate a large number of coupon codes and deals. To function as proof, we have some of these with us:

Global Pharmacy Plus Coupons

Global Pharmacy Plus Coupons

Only one coupon code is available above. The coupon code is expected to expire on 05/31/2018. This promo code allows the buyer to pay only 90% of the original medication price. The other two are deals. These will favor anyone regardless of whether it is your first time purchasing medications from Global Pharmacy Plus or you are a repeat client. The first deal will help you pay only 15% for your meds while the second deal will allow you to save 90%. Note that there were numerous price deals and offers available online on various third-party websites. We have only included the ones above to function as proof.

Global Pharmacy Phone Number

If you have any queries, the Global Pharmacy Plus customer support department is only a call away. They will be ready to receive your phone call if you call them using +1-855-475-7782. If a call does not seem appealing to you or you don’t get hold of any customer agent when you call, you can opt to use their fax number. Their toll-free fax number is 1-855-475-7787. If you don’t have access to a fax or you simply don’t like using it, you can ask your questions using the email [email protected]

If you would like to visit the order processing center, its physical address is Global Pharmacy Plus, PO BOX 20525, Howe Street PO, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2N8, Canada. To send an email to the customer service directly from the Global Pharmacy Plus official website, you can use the contact form on their contact page. This form allows you to attach a file. Global Pharmacy Plus did not appear to have a live chat function. However, from the reviews that we have already looked at, they have a responsive customer support department. You can rely on the department. They will respond to your queries quickly.


To get your medications from Global Pharmacy Plus, you need to have a valid prescription script. You can only get a drug from the pharmacy without a prescription if the medication you are buying is an over the counter medication. The store does not stock anything that has not been approved by the Food and Drug Association. This means that you should not expect to get any narcotics, controlled substances, or habit-forming drugs. You will not have any trouble with importing your medication from Global Pharmacy Plus. You only need to keep the amounts at a maximum of a 90-day supply so that it does not appear like you are buying the meds for resale. Our main focus is to make sure that you are getting high-quality services from online pharmacies. This is why we have a top-rated catalog that contains verified vendors.