Global Pharmacy Plus Reviews: Find Out Whether this Pharmacy is Trustworthy

For the past one decade and 4 extra years, Global Pharmacy Plus has been offering its services on the web. This pharmacy caters to the needs of customers located in different parts of the world since it offers its services on the web. You will find both brand and generic drugs on the pharmacy. When we checked the official Global Pharmacy Plus website, we discovered that it had more generic drugs than brand name drugs. They indicate that the generic drugs they have are always sourced from genuine and renown manufacturers located in Asia, Europe, and North America.

The store indicates that they have the ability to provide their customers with drugs which are 75% cheaper than the same meds they buy in the local stores. The store does not dispense any medications to customers who don’t fax in their prescription scripts. The pharmacy seems to be serving a large number of customers. They have 300,000 orders which they process every year. Their customers currently amount to 200,000. The store offers meds which are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This tells you that finding controlled meds is not possible.

Online Pharmacy Reviews

We decided to explore the web and find out whether we would locate any user testimonials left behind by customers. We managed to locate a large number of the reviews. Over 90% of these reviews were overly positive with customers indicating they would recommend the pharmacy to other people. These people indicated that they enjoyed low priced medications and fast delivery. Here are some of the reviews we captured:

Global Pharmacy Plus Testimonials

Global Pharmacy Plus Testimonials

Susan says that Global Pharmacy Plus is Godsend. She says that the online pharmacy offers cheap prices. The medications they sell at those low prices are of great quality. She does not regret having used the drugstore to shop. She has already recommended the drugstore to her friends.

The second reviewer points out that it is extremely easy to use Global Pharmacy Plus. He also says that the prices are pretty low. He just hopes it will actually work out just like the ordering process worked out. The rating he provided was for the purchasing process. Mike says that Global Pharmacy Plus offers people located in the United States a chance to fight the monopoly the pharmacies located in the united states have over the medication prices.

Global Pharmacy Plus Coupon

Online shoppers are always looking for ways to pay less. The first reason that makes these people buy their meds on the web is so that they can pay less. Therefore, if there is another chance that can let them pay an even lesser amount of money, they would jump at the opportunity. Global Pharmacy Plus seems to care about the prices their customers paid. This can be depicted by the fact that they have a large number of coupons available on the web. We have some of them here:

Global Pharmacy Plus Coupons and Deals

Global Pharmacy Plus Coupons and Deals

The first and only coupon code allows the buyer to avoid paying 10% for their meds. The coupon is supposed to expire on 31st May 2018. The second deal allows the buyer to pay only 15 percent for his or her meds. The final deal allows the buyer to pay only 10% for his or her medications.

Global Pharmacy Phone Number

Nobody would be willing to buy from a pharmacy that he or she cannot reach quite easily if the need arose. This is the reason you have to make sure that you can locate the contact details for a pharmacy. We searched and noticed that the Global Pharmacy Plus online store had all their contact details on their contact page. They don’t just place their contact details on their contact page. They have them on all the pages they have on their website. The telephone number and fax number are advertised on each page.

Their official location where they process all their order is Global Pharmacy Plus, PO BOX 20525, Howe street PO, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2N8, Canada. If you wish to call them and have any of your questions answered, you can use the toll free number which is 1 855 475 7782. If you want to send them a fax, you can use their toll-free fax which is 1 855 475 7787. If you prefer communicating via the email, you can always send one using the email [email protected] If you are placing your order and you need help immediately, you can use the pharmacy life chat by simply clicking the button at the top-right of the website. The pharmacy also offers a contact form that you can use to send an email to them. All you have to do is fill in your name, your email, and your message and then click the Send button.


From the reviews available on the web, we can confirm that Global Pharmacy Plus is not a scam site. It has managed to hold the attention of more than two hundred thousand customers. They have always managed to deliver the drugs to their customers on time. They offer cheap prices and they have genuine meds. Their customer support department is quick in responding to customer queries. The pharmacy accepts credit cards which means that their method of payment is very safe. Given that this drugstore is already registered by CIPA, we can say that it is genuine. You will find almost any medication you need since Global Pharmacy Plus has a very big catalog which is optimized for searching.

We focus on providing our readers with information which can help them avoid scam sites. We help you make wise decisions regarding your medical purchases. We help you save your money. We have been investigating online pharmacies. All the pharmacies we have found to be real and offering cheap and genuine medications have been added to our catalog. Millions of customers have already used these drug stores and left positive reviews. You should be safe when using them.