Is Canadian Pharmacy Legit: Distinguishing Fake Pharmacies from Real Ones

You will have the ability to save a lot of your hard-earned cash by sourcing your meds from an online pharmacy. Canadian pharmacies are usually popular when it comes to sourcing meds on the web. The thing is, there are those pharmacies which will deliver exactly what you order and do this on time. These are what we can call legitimate pharmacies. Also, there are those pharmacies which will either deliver expired pills, counterfeit pills or deliver nothing at all. These are pharmacies which we are called illegitimate or scam sites.

Distinguishing between a fake and a real pharmacy plays a key role in making sure that you don’t get scammed. CIPA which stands for Canadian International Pharmacy Association is a regulatory body which helps people figure out which online pharmacy located in Canada is legitimate and which one is fake.

To use CIPA, you need to enter the domain address (web address) of the pharmacy into the search bar available on the program official website. You will be able to get the results telling you whether the pharmacy is registered with CIPA or not. If the pharmacy is registered, there is a very high likelihood that it is legit. If it is not registered, you will need to be extra careful if you decide to go ahead and use the pharmacy. Another thing that you can use to determine if a pharmacy is legitimate or not is the reviews.

Legitimate Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

A legit Canadian pharmacy is supposed to have a large number of reviews. These reviews should help you determine whether the pharmacy offers good services or not. To serve as examples, we have some reviews for a Canadian pharmacy that is legitimate. These are the reviews:

Legit Canadian Drugstore Feedback (source: https://www

Legit Canadian Drugstore Feedback (source:

Marilyn indicates that her experience with the Canadian pharmacy has been excellent and she appreciates having the ability to use this pharmacy. She is able to access all the meds she needs. She is thankful for this.

Aaron says that the Canadian pharmacy he used had terrific services. The shipping and prices were awesome. Aaron has no complaints. Janet is another happy customer. She says that the Canadian pharmacy she used is absolutely perfect. She sourced her prescription tretinoin from the pharmacy. She got what she calls a wonderful product at a great price. She received her order quickly. She says that she cannot imagine that she would ever buy the product anywhere else.

One thing that you need to note is that for a Canadian pharmacy to be considered as being legit, it has to have numerous positive comments. Illegitimate pharmacies have reviews too. But, most of them are negative. We give you a chance to access legitimate Canadian pharmacies without too much of a struggle. To get access to these pharmacies, all you need to do is check our catalog. The Canadian pharmacies available here have reviews which resemble the ones that you have just read.

Legit Canadian Pharmacy Prices

Since price is the major reason as to why people decide to source their meds thousands of miles away while local pharmacies are available, we decided to look for the prices that legitimate Canadian pharmacies offer. We got a chance to present you with a price list that not only shows you the prices for the most popular prescription medications in the Canadian stores but also shows you the savings you get by ordering your meds online. The following is the price list:

Legitimate Canadian Drugstore Prices

Legitimate Canadian Drugstore Prices

For people who have a high chance of getting osteoarthritis, there is no need to worry anymore. Your drugs are cheaper in the Canadian pharmacies. Instead of paying $816 for only 12 pills of your Actonel, you will have the ability to cut down the price by 93% to $59. The people who have diabetes are the luckiest according to the above price list. Their Actos has been reduced from costing $1777.50 to only $54. This means that these men and women will only need to pay 3%. The savings range from 86% to 97%. Anyone looking to save their money will enjoy this chance of saving.

The key here is to ensure that the pharmacy you are sourcing your meds from is legitimate. You cannot figure that easily especially if you are buying medication for the first time. What you need to do instead of using guess work is to use verified vendors. We have used our time and resources to determine which pharmacy offers great pills and delivers them on time. These are the pharmacies we have placed in our catalog. People who have used the catalog have had nothing to complain about. You can also be one happy customer by using these pharmacies.

Paying Legitimate Canadian Pharmacies

You have probably come across pharmacies that try to force you to pay using western union, money orders, bitcoin, and wire transfer. These pharmacies will promise you a discount when you pay using these methods. Over 90% of these pharmacies are illegitimate. They know when you pay using these methods you cannot ask for a refund. We suggest that you always pay using credit cards. If you don’t have a credit card and you are planning on ordering your meds from a Canadian pharmacy, we suggest you find a VISA or Mastercard. This is because when you pay using credit cards, you have the ability to dispute the charges made if you come to a realization later that the pharmacy you used was illegitimate.


A legitimate Canadian pharmacy should have numerous positive reviews. It should be approved by regulatory bodies such as CIPA. It should have a huge customer base and a great reputation. If you try to figure out whether a random pharmacy you find on the web that claims to be located in Canada satisfies these factors, you will get tricked. We have scrutinized numerous Canadian pharmacies to figure out which ones are legit. Find the legit pharmacies in our catalog.