Legal Online Pharmacies: Avoid Scam sites

The law is there to protect its people. This means that it is always a great idea to stick with ordering your meds from an online pharmacy that is operating within the confines of the law. NABP, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, gave out a rough estimate of the number of pharmacies available on the web. It is estimated that currently there are more than 35000 web pharmacies. Out of these pharmacies, more than 95% are rogue. Simply put, they are illegal. On top of these pharmacies which are already terrorizing people on the internet, 20 more online pharmacies are being created on a daily basis.

This puts the person who decides to shop for his or her meds on the web in a tight space if he doesn’t know how to figure out which pharmacy is legal and which one is illegal. Government organizations have been created to help people avoid getting conned or stolen from. A good example is VIPPS (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites). This is a program that was established back in 1999 by NABP to help people figure out which pharmacy is fake and which one is legal. This program has thousands of pharmacies in their database of non-recommended pharmacies. Before purchasing your meds from any pharmacy, it is always a great idea to check whether the pharmacy is on this list.

When we move on to Canada, we will find CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association). This is an organization that helps people figure out if an online pharmacy that is associating itself with Canada is real or fake. To figure this out, you only need to visit and search the pharmacy domain.

Legal Online Pharmacies Reviews

If there are legal online pharmacies which offer great services and great meds, this means that you will have the ability to locate their reviews. Instead of just leaving this task to you, we decided to go a step further and find the reviews for you. The reviews are as follows:

Legit Online Drug Stores Reviews (source: https://www

Legit Online Drug Stores Reviews (source:

The first Reviewer indicates that he cannot describe the relief he got after managing to find an online pharmacy that he could trust. He says that the online pharmacy will ship the drugs that he needs at a price he can afford. He receives true medications and also gains the ability to save on his meds.

The second reviewer indicates that he ended up without coverage on one of his meds. He had to pay for it out of his own pocket. He was skeptical about using an overseas pharmacy at first. He called the online pharmacy and spoke with someone. He then decided to take the chance. He was able to get generic drugs when only brand name drugs were available in the United States. The ordering was easy. The drugs were shipped and they arrived quickly. He indicates that he does not have any complaints and he will be using the pharmacy again. They have great prices.

The final reviewer indicates that the online pharmacy saved him a fortune. They were efficient and very friendly to use. The prescriptions that the pharmacy refilled were top-notch. The shipping was fast and they always remind him of the upcoming refills.

The above reviews are only for less than 10% of the thousands of internet pharmacies which are telling the buyers that they are legal. Therefore, you have to be very careful when you are making your decision. Avoid random stores. Use our list of verified and top-rated drug vendors.

Legal Online Pharmacies USA Prices

There is no disputing online pharmacies are cheaper than local pharmacies. Previous users have already confirmed this in their reviews which we have already looked at above. Prices do vary. However, if you choose the pharmacy wisely, the following are the prices that you will get. The following price list also indicates the savings:

Online Pharmacy Prices

Online Pharmacy Prices

It is hard to ignore the fact that you will have the ability to save 90% on your drugs. But, we also advise our readers to avoid ignoring the fact that there are thousands of pharmacies that are out there on the internet and they are trying to steal your money and even deliver fake meds without caring the repercussions these fake drugs will have on your health. This is why we tell you to avoid using price as the determinant of whether you will buy from a pharmacy or not. We have verified pharmacies in our catalog which will give you the ability to save 90% and above on your meds. If you stick with this list, you will save yourself from scam sites.

How to Buy Meds Safely Online

The first thing you have to do is avoid using random stores. There are thousands of fake online pharmacies. If you look at these stores, you will notice that they all resemble each other. Therefore, finding out which pharmacy is real and which one is fake is not an easy task. What you should do instead is choose verified web pharmacies such as the ones in our catalog. Another thing is you have to pay using credit cards. This allows you to dispute any charges in case you find out later that the online pharmacy is a scam. Finally, ensure that a pharmacy has been verified by programs such as VIPPS and CIPA.


Legal Online pharmacies are available. The only issue is locating them. These stores have been masked by thousands of scam sites which look as if they are 100% genuine. For someone who would like to avoid messing his or health by taking fake pills without realizing it, it is a good idea to avoid sourcing your meds from random stores. This can be done easily considering that we have already investigated and identified top online vendors. You can find these vendors in our top-rated catalog that has already helped numerous visitors get quality medications at a price that they could afford.