Meds Net: Convenience and Saving Money When Buying Drugs Online

The internet has continued to make things that many people would have never thought that they would be possible happen. No one thought that they could be able to get their meds delivered to their house only by clicking on a few buttons. The drugs don’t only arrive without you having to leave your house, the price that you pay for them is 10 times cheaper than what you would pay if you left your house and went to purchase the drugs in your local store. People are realizing this.

When we say people, we are referring to all kinds of people. This means that it includes those who need these drugs and those whose major aim is to make some cash. The people who need to make some quick cash are using the high demand for internet meds to try and steal from the people who need meds by creating rogue stores. Rogue stores will resemble real stores which makes it really hard to make a decision. It is for this reason that many people would like to know if there really are any legit pharmacies available on the web. Let’s answer this question.

Which Online Pharmacies Are Legit?

This question is not easy to answer. First, you need to note that there are numerous legit online pharmacies. The problem is finding these stores. According to NABP which regulates how pharmacies operate, there are over 35,000 internet pharmacies. Out of these, the pharmacies that can be considered as being legit are less than 10%. This tells you that every time you are trying to figure out which internet med store is legit the chance of getting tricked and buying from a rogue store is 9 out 10. We encourage you not gamble with your health and money. So, avoid trying to find which store will deliver real drugs to you. We have a catalog that will relieve you off this load.

There are some factors that can tell you whether an internet pharmacy is real or it is fake and is out to steal your money. The first thing that you should look at is the reviews. A high-quality and legitimate pharmacy will have a large number of reviews. The pharmacy should have more positive reviews than negative ones, also, the best reviews should be on an external site where the pharmacy cannot modify them.

Another thing that you can observe is the number of customers that the store has served. A great pharmacy will have served millions of customers or hundreds of thousands of customers. This indicates that their customers are usually satisfied with the services that they receive and hence they keep going back and even recommending the med store to their friends.

Finally, you will need to check their accreditation status. There are various programs on the web that regulate how online stores operate. Two great examples are VIPPS and CIPA. VIPPS has a very huge list of the accredited pharmacies and another list of the rogue stores. You can do your research on their website before ordering your meds. CIPA regulates Canadian pharmacies. Before ordering from a Canadian online drugstore, check whether it has received accreditation from CIPA.

We informed you not gamble with your health and money by acquiring your meds from random stores. We have a list that we have been working on for a long time. This list has the best pharmacies that satisfy all the above factors that we have looked at. Ordering your meds from these stores will guarantee you of safety for both your cash and health.

Trusted Online Pharmacy Reviews

We have already mentioned that quality stores that sell meds will have great reviews. We want to verify this to you by looking at reviews for one of the trusted med store available on the web. The following are the reviews:

Trusted Pharmacy Reviews

Trusted Pharmacy Reviews

Roberta M. reports that he is very satisfied with the online store from which he ordered his meds. He was able to save more than 200 dollars on one of his meds that he lacked an insurance for. The people that he dealt with were nice and they had knowledge of how to deal with his situation. Roberta’s medications arrived in about 2.5 to 3 weeks. Roberta reports that he is open to recommending the pharmacy to anyone who requires the services that he got.

Barbara is another happy customer. She reports that the customer service was excellent. The company even calls to remind her to place her order when her meds are about to run out. The prices are great. She loves the experience that the med store has offered her.

Note that these reviews don’t apply to each and every pharmacy that is present online. They apply to less than 10% of the web pharmacies. The best of the pharmacies that fall in the 10% category can be found in our catalog. Reviews

Pharmacy Mall is one of the best online stores that you can ever come across. They offer great prices, they have fast delivery, their customer service department is great, and you will receive high-quality products. Pharmacy Mall is one of the few online pharmacies that we recommend. We have the reviews to prove the quality services they offer:

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

The first Reviewer is Piter who is pleased with the shipping and customer service. Piter will be ordering again soon. Barbara says that the order arrived earlier than she was expecting. The product qualities were the same as advertised. Jacob reports that the service was wonderful and the customer service really helped. They helped him when he was unable to place his order on the website. The delivery was speedy.


Getting meds on the internet is lucrative since it will save you a ton of cash. On the other hand, if you are not careful when doing it, you may end up with fake meds which will mess your health. The best way to save your money and get to treat yourself with safe drugs is to buy the drugs from the safe and proven stores available on our top-rated list.