Safe Meds for All: Find Out How Trustworthy This Pharmacy Is

Safemeds4all is an online pharmacy that was established back in 2008. According to their copyright section on their website, they are located in the United Kingdom and they are operated by a company known as the Aceso Universal Limited. The store processes all their payments in US Dollars. The main method of payment is through the use of a VISA credit card. You can also pay using an e-check. We recommend the use of the VISA. This is because you can then dispute your charges. The store does not dispense any medications if the buyer does not have a valid prescription from the doctor. The pharmacy focuses largely on dispensing generic medications.

The store indicates that by purchasing your meds from them, you will have the ability to save 80 to 90% on your medication costs. They will deliver your medication to your doorstep and they will not charge you any shipping fees. They claim that they have already contracted with international pharmacies which have modern infrastructure. This has enabled them to deliver safe meds at a price their buyers can afford without struggling much. Looking at their catalog, they have a wide variety of drugs. This means that they have the ability to solve the majority of their customers’ medical needs.

The pharmacy offers a 5% discount to anyone regardless of whether it is your first time ordering or you are ordering for the second time. The current coupon code for the 5% discount is 874543. They claim that they will match any price. If you find another website selling the same meds at a lower price, you can tell them and they will match this price. The store also offers a 10% discount to their repeat clients.

Is Safe Meds for All Legit: Safe Meds for All Reviews

The website looks good and they even have nice prices. But, this is not the best way to determine which pharmacy you will order from. The best thing to do is check whether there is anyone who can testify to the fact that he was able to order and receive his medications from Safemeds4all without any issues. We have searched for the pharmacy reviews. Here are some of them:

Safemeds4all Review

Safemeds4all Review

The above person says that he placed an order at Safemeds4all. He ordered generic Accutane (isotretinoin). He received a call from Veripayment confirming his order. Shortly thereafter, he received an email with a tracking number. Safemeds4all website indicated the medication they would ship as Tretiva which is manufactured by Intas Pharmaceuticals. The items he received were just like the website had described. The reviewer claims that he is a happy customer. He did not experience any payment issues. The shipment was quick and it arrived earlier.

Safemeds4all Testimonial (source: https://pharmacyreviewer

Safemeds4all Testimonial (source:

The above reviewer indicates that she had used Safemeds4all to purchase meds. The meds took less than 2 weeks to arrive. She had purchased metformin. She is really happy with the service and support that she received from the pharmacy after the purchase. The only thing she proposes is that the pharmacy should add Express courier shipping. They ship using USPS express mail. The reviewer would have loved the presence of overnight delivery. She says that since she got a great price, it was worth the wait.

The reviews confirm that Safemeds4all is a great pharmacy that allows the buyer to save money. They deliver their products on time. This means that you can consider trusting this pharmacy.

Safe Meds for All Cialis

Cialis has always been more expensive in the local drug stores with a pill costing more than 70 dollars. The generic versions of tadalafil are available at Safemeds4all. The specific generic Cialis brand available is known as Tadalis and it is manufactured in India. The price of the medication is as follows:

Safemeds4all Generic Cialis Price

Safemeds4all Generic Cialis Price

The highest price is $4.50 for each pill when you purchase an 8-pill package. When you double the number of pills and you purchase 16 tablets, you will reduce the price to $2.88 for a pill. The biggest package has 500 pills. This package will require you to pay only $1.10 for a pill. Therefore, you will pay a total of $550 for the whole pack. By increasing the number of pills you purchase from 8 to 500, you reduce the per pill price and save $1700. Buying your generic Cialis in bulk is the best thing you can do.

Safemeds4all Phone Number

Safemeds4all has toll-free number on top of their website that doubles as their phone number and their fax number. The number is +1-800-897-1053. If you would like to reach them through their email address, the email to use is [email protected] The store allows you to send them a direct email straight from their website. They have a contact form that you can fill out to contact them. The times when they will be available to handle your queries is between 9:30 am and 5:30 pm EST.


Safemeds4all is an online pharmacy that does not seem to be very popular. We were able to find the pharmacy reviews but they were few. People who have already ordered from the pharmacy have indicated that they enjoyed the experience. Their meds arrived on time, they received good communication from the customer support department, they paid low prices, and what they received was exactly what they had ordered. Safemeds4all handles their payment through either e-checks or VISA credit card. The fact that you can pay using a credit card is good since this will allow you to dispute any charges made to your card if it turns out to be a rip-off.

We focus on ensuring that all our readers take their medications home and pay the lowest price possible. We also ensure that these people get genuine medications. To achieve this, we have investigated online pharmacies. Every pharmacy that has proven it offers the best services has been added to our catalog. This is the catalog we suggest you use.