Does This Online Store Offer Great Services?

The Canadian Pharmacy was established back in the year 2003. This business is located in Manitoba Canada. According to their page, they have received their license from Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association. The store specializes in the sale of both over the counter drugs and the prescription medications. If you are looking to source your prescription medications from The Canadian Pharmacy, you have to be prepared with a legit prescription from a valid doctor. The store will not dispense any prescription drugs if you lack the prescription for the meds.

The store has already received accreditation from Better Business Bureau. This accreditation was received on 01/04/2005. The store has also managed to receive accreditation from Canadian International Pharmacy Association which investigates and approves the non-rogue drug stores which offer their services on the web but have their physical location in Canada. The store has also received accreditation from MIPA (Manitoba International Pharmacist Association). The store claims that they will take their time to ensure that what you have ordered has been delivered to your door. They claim that they have a real team of experienced doctors and pharmacists who are located in their physical location in Manitoba. The store has a high rating on Reviews

It is possible for an online pharmacy to lie to you using their official business website. In fact, the majority of the online stores are doing it. 90% of online pharmacies are rogue. Therefore, it is important to not really trust what you find on a drugstore website. If you can be able to find reviews for the store on an external site, that would be a great idea. We searched for reviews for The Canadian Pharmacy. We were able to locate these. Here are some of them:

The Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

The Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

Chelsea M. has had a positive experience dealing with The Canadian Pharmacy. He has a rare stomach disorder which makes it hard for him to ingest solid foods if he does not take the medication that he needs. The people at The Canadian Pharmacy have been very helpful and attentive to Chelsea. He has called them with answers and they always answer his questions. He has also tried using their online chat and they are happy to help using this chat too. Their help has been very quick and accurate. Chelsea claims that The Canadian Pharmacy has worked to make his experience as great as possible. He is very grateful.

Jay has been using the online pharmacy for eight months. Every one of his orders has been accurate, well priced, and the shipping was very reasonable. Jay was able to get reasonable advice via his phone. He recommends The Canadian Pharmacy.

The Canadian Pharmacy User Testimonial (source: https://www

The Canadian Pharmacy User Testimonial (source:

Mike M tells us that the experience he has had with The Canadian Pharmacy is completely positive. He has had numerous exchanges with the customer support team via the email and all his queries were responded to quickly and completely in a way that he was able to understand. He was able to have a discussion regarding two medications that he had been prescribed to. He reports the experience that he got as being satisfactory and far much better than what other companies have offered him previously. The medication that he was able to receive was exactly the same as his doctor had specified.

The above reviews are from people who are happy with the services that they have received. This proves that if you were to order your meds from The Canadian Pharmacy, you should be sure that the services that you receive will be great. But, what are their prices? Cialis

Tadalafil is among the leading medications which men who have trouble with gaining and maintaining a solid erection use. The brand name that is given to Tadalafil is what we are referring to as Cialis. For any man to afford the price at which Cialis is sold in the local stores, they have to be loaded with cash. The price for a pill of the brand Cialis which has its origin from Eli Lilly will not be less than $70. The price at which the same drug is sold at The Canadian Pharmacy is as follows:

The Canadian Pharmacy Brand Cialis Price

The Canadian Pharmacy Brand Cialis Price

The price gets reduced to 34.5 dollars for a pill of the 20 mg tablet. This price is a 50% reduction from the one that local stores offer. But, it is still high. For people looking to save more, generic Cialis is a better choice:

The Canadian Pharmacy Generic Cialis Price

The Canadian Pharmacy Generic Cialis Price

The price for a 20 mg tablet is $15. The price is more affordable. But, you can still manage to reduce this price even further. If you are willing to save more money, our catalog is the ticket to saving this money. Phone Number

The store allows their customers to contact them quite easily. This you have the ability to do it through a phone number, a fax, and a contact form. All the information that you need to use is already on their contact page. Their phone number is +1 (866) 335-8064 while their fax is +1 (866) 795-5627. The only thing that you need in order to contact The Canadian Pharmacy using their web contact form is your name and your email. They offer you the chance to use their web chat on Mondays to Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm (CST).


The Canadian Pharmacy is a store that has been in operation for 15 years. They offer a variety of medications which they claim that they will deliver to your door without wasting any of your time. We have looked at the reviews and their customers are happy with their services. The only problem with this drugstore is their prices which are a little bit high. On our catalog, you will be able to find pharmacies which offer you the chance to save over 90% on all your medications. The catalog is safe since we investigate pharmacies before adding them to the list.