Tramadol No Prescription: Can You Buy Opioids Without a Prescription?

Pain is a medical condition that can affect anyone unexpectedly. This is a condition that no one can plan for. Many people find themselves needing a painkiller without expecting it. There are numerous painkiller medications. One of these is Tramadol. This is a drug that has been classified under a group of medication known as opioids. The drug acts like a narcotic and it has the ability to relieve both severe and moderate pain. The drug is for use as an around the clock treatment.

There is a hot discussion on whether it is really legal to order a drug like tramadol online without a prescription. After doing our research which included searching for answers in the popular question and answer forum Quora, what we have come up with is that it is against the law to buy your tramadol without a prescription in some countries. According to the expert answers we looked at, tramadol being an opioid, it can become an addiction and hence enslave you. This can become a disadvantage to your health.

The answers pointed some of the countries in which tramadol is considered to be a controlled substance. These include the United Kingdom where the drug is classified under class C substance. In the United states, Tramadol is a schedule IV drug. In Australia, Tramadol is taken to be a schedule 4 drug while in Canada and New Zealand, you cannot take this medication without a prescription. In some countries, Tramadol may be both a non-controlled and an over the counter medication. Therefore, it is important to know the rules and regulations of your country before ordering Tramadol.

Best Place to Order Tramadol Online

On the web, you are likely to come across numerous drug vendors who claim to have tramadol. These vendors will offer you very low prices such that you will feel enticed to purchase tramadol from them. The problem is that if you do, you may end up with some fake meds which will mess your health.

Tramadol 50mg Capsules

Tramadol 50mg Capsules

Scammers are aware that pain is a common health defect. Therefore, for them to get a shot at tricking more people, offering tramadol is a good idea. There are several factors you need to consider before agreeing to place your order at a pharmacy that promises to deliver tramadol. The first thing is whether the pharmacy is asking for a prescription. We have already confirmed that tramadol is considered to be a prescription medication. There is a big chance that whatever a pharmacy that does not ask for a tramadol prescription will sell you is fake. Another thing to look at is the pharmacy reviews. Preferably, look for these at an external website in order to be sure that they are not manipulated. If a pharmacy has positive reviews, it tells you that it offers great meds and hence, it may be potentially a good place to source your tramadol.

Determining which pharmacy is safe usually involves a lot of hard work. You may waste your time investigating pharmacies and still end up buying from a scammer. This is why you need to avoid random online pharmacies. The best thing people do and save both their money and health is to use pharmacies which have been investigated and proven to offer high-quality meds. These are available in our catalog.

Tramadol 100mg Price

Price is a major consideration when you are buying your meds. This is why we decided to let you know how much money you need to have at hand if you are planning on purchasing tramadol. The drug is available on different websites on the internet. This means that the prices we indicate here may vary. The following prices represent the average cost of the drug:

Tramadol 100mg Price

Tramadol 100mg Price

The price reduces when the number of pills increases. For 30 tablets, you will have to pay $51. This indicates that a pill will be $1.70. The price reduces to $1.60 when you double the number of pills you purchase in one go. The prices are $1.50, $1.30, $1.20, $1.10, and $1.00 for the 90, 150, 200, 300, and 400 tablets respectively. The lowest price that you will get is $1.00.

Some pharmacies online will have extremely low prices. Never let the price you get online motivate you to buy your meds. Low prices don’t always mean a great deal. They sometimes mean that you are getting fake meds or your money will be stolen and you will get nothing in return. Therefore, ensure that your tramadol is being sourced from a pharmacy that has been investigated and proven to offer great painkillers. Our catalog will never fail you.

Order Tramadol Cod Overnight Delivery

Buying tramadol and getting it delivered overnight and you paying on delivery is an option that you should take if you have a prescription for the drug and you trust the pharmacy from which your drug originates. This is a great option since you won’t have to pay for something that does not satisfy you. There are pharmacies which offer this service. The problem is that they are few. A better way to get your meds delivered to you is via mail order. This may take longer than overnight delivery, however, as long as you are careful with choosing the pharmacy from which you source your meds, you will be sure that your meds will be delivered in one piece.


Buying tramadol without a prescription is not always a good idea. There are some countries which may not consider tramadol as being a prescription medication. Ordering this drug without a prescription in these countries may be perfect. However, for some countries such as the United States and Canada, you will need a prescription before ordering tramadol. The best thing to do is, first of all, understand the rules and regulations which govern medication importation in your country. We always warn our readers about the thousands of fake pharmacies on the web pretending to be real. We help you avoid these fake stores by providing you with top-rated pharmacies in our catalog which present you with the chance to get quality meds.