Trazodone Erectile Function

Trazodone, which is a product of Mylan Pharmaceutical Company, is a drug approved by FDA used in the treatment of depressive disorders. The recent study has shown that besides treating depression, Trazodone can be used by men suffering from premature ejaculation to make them last up to 4 times longer compared to those who do not take the drug.

This drug works by increasing the level of serotonin chemical which aids in balancing the mood as well as happiness within the brain. Majority of the men suffering from erectile dysfunction is as a result of psychological reasons and as Trazodone works to get rid of depression, premature ejaculation will be treated too when the hormone that leads to premature ejaculation is suppressed.

The use of Trazodone has not been approved by FDA as a premature ejaculation treatment and though it will aid in treating premature ejaculation, the effect is just temporary and will creep back or even get worse after you stop taking the medication.

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Trazodone Male Side Effects

Though Trazodone is known to positively affect the sexual life of the man taking it, there are negative outcomes that may affect the person taking these drugs. Such side effects are:

  • Change in sex drive; a male taking Trazodone may experience a reduced desire for sex, commonly referred to as libido. This may negatively affect a relationship if the affected male fails to realize that the low sex drive is as a result of this drug.
  • A problem when ejaculating; if you are using Trazodone, you may experience retrograde ejaculation. This is a situation where instead of the ejaculate going out of the penis; it will get inside the bladder, a condition referred to as backward ejaculation. You will, therefore, experience ejaculation but you will not see it. This may cause you to pass out cloudy urine. Retrograde ejaculation is not painful and will not lead to any problem.
  • Priapism; this is an erection that fails to go away for more than four hours despite having sex or masturbating. This is a serious problem that could lead to irreversible damage to the penis if you do not seek medical attention urgently.
  • Allergic reactions; a male taking Trazodone may experience swelling if the face, legs, or hands, itching which produces severe rashes, difficulty in breathing. If affected, seek urgent medical attention.
  • Neurological side effects; one may experience dizziness, loss of memory, inability to concentrate, confusion, seizures, numbness, and lack of muscle coordination. Some of these side effects are quite severe and will need the attention of a doctor.
  • Cardiovascular; a male taking Trazodone may experience rise or fall in blood pressure which makes on feel dizzy. It may also lead to irregular heartbeat and inability to breathe properly.

Trazodone Causing Erectile Dysfunction

The use of Trazodone may result in priapism, which is an erection that will last for a duration of more than four hours. This is quite dangerous to the man as it could lead to permanent damage to the penis where the affected individual will never be able to erect again. To reverse this one may need to undergo a reconstructive surgery.

One should, therefore, be very careful when taking Trazodone and if you notice an erection that is not going away even after having sex or masturbating, get immediate medical help. Use only when the doctor has recommended the use of this drug so that you will have immediate help if you will need it instead of going to explain to a new doctor about your case.

Trazodone also causes a decreased sex drive where the man completely loses interest in sex. It is a fact that if your mind is not ready for sex, the penis will not be able to erect. If this is not taken care of, you will find yourself not able to hold an erection.

If you find out that you are no longer interested in sex, talk to the doctor who will either reduce the dosage administered, or get another option according to your current situation.

The use of Trazodone may also lead to low blood pressure and this will negatively affect your sex life as there will be insufficient blood to facilitate an erection. This will mean that holding an erection will be nearly impossible unless this condition is treated.

Trazodone pill image

Trazodone pill image

Does Trazodone Make You Last Longer in Bed?

The answer is yes! Trazodone is known to prevent premature ejaculation and make the man taking the drug last four times longer than the person who is not taking the drug. Trazodone is known to suppress the hormone that causes premature ejaculation making sex last longer.

Trazodone is not a permanent cure for erectile dysfunction, the effect of delayed ejaculation will last for as long as you are using this drug and once you stop, the condition may get even worse. You cannot use an antidepressant for long as it can lead to more severe side effects like mood swings where you may get more depressed, a situation that will lead to the inability to perform sexually.

Though it is every man’s desire to last longer in bed, you should not rush to get this antidepressant drug to help you. We have seen that it could do the opposite and you should, therefore, leave the decision of whether you can take this drug to the professionals.


Trazodone is not a reliable drug in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The many side effects associated with it and the fact that it could reduce your sex drive is a cause for worry. Ensure that you talk to your doctor before you decide to take this drug so that together, you will weigh the gains as well as the side effects that may result from the use of this drug. Another fact about this drug is that it has not been approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. You can use other trusted brands like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, which are approved erectile dysfunction medication. Always ensure that you choose your source of online drugs wisely to avoid buying counterfeit drugs. You can always check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies to help you identify reliable sources of drugs online.