Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites

Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites is a body responsible for accrediting websites that offer pharmaceutical services that was established in 1999. The need to have a body that will bring out the unique characteristic in legitimate online pharmacies came about due to the emergence of illegal pharmacies which badly tainted the business of selling drugs online.

VIPPS works to assure that people seeking to buy drugs online that the pharmacies they are buying from are safe. The accreditation by VIPPS also certifies that the pharmacy has fulfilled the requirements of search engines like Google, Bing!, and also Yahoo.

Below are the requirements that VIPPS demands in order to offer accreditation to any pharmacy:

  • The pharmacy must have a valid license from the country of origin and fulfill all the set legal requirements.
  • The pharmacy must comply with the set national standards of running a pharmacy
  • The pharmacy must also comply with the set standards of maintaining the privacy, authenticity, and the security of every prescription given to them.
  • The policy on quality assurance must also be met by the pharmacy.
  • VIPPS also demands that there should be a significant consultation any time a client seeks to talk to a pharmacist.

To know if the pharmacy you wish to buy from is verified, all you have to do is to visit the VIPPS website at and enter the URL of the pharmacy. For example, you can key in www.vipps-name of at the bottom of the page.

VIPPS Legitimate Online Pharmacy List

Before you buy drugs from an online pharmacy, you must ensure that it is in the VIPPS legitimate online pharmacies. Only then can you be assured that the business transaction that will take place between you and the pharmacy is legit and you will get original drugs. Such a pharmacy must display the approval seal from VIPPS on its official website and on any other site from which they conduct their online transactions.

To know if the pharmacy is VIPPS accredited, all you have to do is to log in to the website of National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), and key in the URL of the pharmacy and you will be able to tell if the pharmacy is legitimate.

Buying from a site that is not in the VIPPS list will be putting yourself at the mercy of con men who operate illegal online pharmacies who sell fake drugs. Your private details will be at risk of being used for illegal acts where you may discover that your credit card has been hacked. You can also get fake or expired drugs in place of the drugs you ordered for. You will have lost your money and put your private details at the mercy of these rogue pharmacies.

Below is a list of some legitimate online pharmacies that have the VIPPS accreditation seal on their websites:

List of some of the VIPPS accredited pharmacies

List of some of the VIPPS accredited pharmacies

VIPPS Veterinary Pharmacy UK

Whenever you wish to purchase pet medications online, you must be alert even as you aspire to buy from online pet shops that sell the drugs at lower prices. Any VIPPS accredited pet pharmacy must have the following characteristics:

  • The pharmacy must demand to have a prescription from your vet. Some pet pharmacies will demand that you either send an original prescription via mail, or, you request your vet to fax the prescription to the pet pharmacy.

Any pharmacy that will agree to sell prescription drugs without asking for a prescription should not be trusted as the drugs could either be fake, expired, or you may be duped of your hard-earned cash and never get the drugs.

  • The person who is entrusted with handling issues regarding orders and inquiries on any issue by customers must be a licensed pharmacist and not just a salesperson. He must be able to professionally handle customers’ queries.
  • The pharmacy should have the VIPPS accreditation seal on its website as well as its physical location, contact numbers, and any other detail that will make it easy for the customers to contact them.
  • The pharmacy chosen should be licensed by the government in the country hosting it.

It is a requirement that you get your pet examined by a registered veterinary officer before you buy any drugs

It is a requirement that you get your pet examined by a registered veterinary officer before you buy any drugs. This will ensure that you get the right prescription which will work well for your pets. Buying pet medication from VIPPS accredited pharmacies will only be beneficial if you are buying drugs recommended by a veterinarian.

VIPPS Recommended Online Pharmacies

The following are some of the VIPPS recommended online pharmacies that can be trusted to deliver original drugs at reasonable prices:

  •  The pharmacy has numerous drugstores that are located in different parts of the United States. The pharmacy has met all the requirements to receive VIPPS accreditation and will ensure that all orders are delivered within a period of ten days after the order is placed.

If you order prescription drugs, and agree to have them delivered via standard shipping, you will not be charged for transportation.

Controlled substances and drugs that will require refrigeration must be received by an adult who will sign as proof that he received the drugs in good order.

  • This pharmacy operates online and is able to deliver drugs to over fifty countries. The drugs will either be delivered via standard shipping or express mail, whichever the customer prefers.

If the drugs ordered will require refrigeration, they will be shipped overnight. Charges depend on the shipping method chosen and the quantity of the order.

  • RxDirect: The pharmacy only processes orders sent to them by physicians.  In most cases, the pharmacy will require original prescriptions for controlled substances that are sent from a location outside of Texas.


Before you make any purchases from an online pharmacy, you must ensure that it has the VIPPS accreditation seal. This is the only way you can be sure that you will get the right drugs and your sensitive details will be safe. You can always check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies which only sells original drugs.